Monday, March 7, 2011

Watch the weather change

Life has gotten really busy and exciting for me. I have been doing shoots every weekend which is great and I am getting very interesting experiences and meeting interesting people. I really feel I am living my dream and getting towards my goal.

Two weeks ago I had a fun photoshoot with Brendan who I met on folio32. We done this photoshoot in Pheonix Park Dublin and I wore an eye patch, leg and arm cast and halo. I was an injured doll hence I wore my black doll lenses. Brendan will be shooting me again this weekend as Rei Ayanami in the casts and eye patch which should be fun.

I had a fun photoshoot with my sisters which was a punk fashion shoot, this was done in our back garden. Then just the weekend gone I took part in a paid shoot for a website How the shoot went is in my deviantart, :) it was an amazing expereince and I would be up for it again.

I have a few more coming up whether it is cosplay or fashion but it all great. I am really happy how things are going and feel this was all met to be. I was glad that I finally got the motivation to leave my comfort zone and follow my dream. :) I am really enjoying my make up course and I am really going to start looking after myself and exercise. Don't stop the music as I am having fun.

Listening to: Tool - Lateralis

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