Monday, January 7, 2013

Drink Up Baby, Look At the Stars. I will Will Kiss You Again Behind The Bars.

I read this blog from Danny Choo and read it a few times, it made me smile. I love reading blogs about motivation and about being inspired. Some of the stuff he said was very relevant such as the "comfort zone". I always believed I was too scared to leave my comfort zone and do the things I really enjoy. I also feared rejection. I remember being in college reading the college magazine about a former student he struggled to be a TV presenter and now she is. The one thing she said which really stood out to me. She said that to get far in life or in something we love, we must face rejection and hardships. That is true but there are lessons we must learn and to keep fighting until we get it. If you really want something and have a strong passion for it, you will get it either way. I feel now that I am going to step out of my comfort zone and experiment. I will try my best.

The Beautiful Fighting Girl

I ordered The Beautiful Girl by Tamaki Saito which I look forward to reading. I was attracted to the book because if Rei being on the cover and figured it would be about Anime heroines but reading reviews on it, it is diferent. Tamaki discusses the fascination males have with these beautiful fighting girls and goes deeper into otaku culture ansd identity. You can read about it here. I say it will be a very insightful read.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Thinking of setting up a FB Like page

Happy New Year and lets have a nice start to 2013. I have been thinking about alot of things. Well I have been thinking of setting up a Facebook cosplay/modelling/events portfolio page to network, interact more with people who like my work, to put myself out there more, to show my skills.  I suppose we should be taking advantage of the internet shouldn’t we? I know a lot of artists and cosplayers have “Like” pages and I kinda got the sense it was frowned upon may have seem self-observed but people have every right to be very proud on what they do, I take my cosplaying seriously and do want to be an artist with it recreating the 2d image to 3d. I would also like to open up too. I would  like to show people they is more to me and show images of the events I am involved with. I would like to be more active online too and talk about my inspirations and projects.

I said in my blog that I need to cut back on sites but I think Facebook could really help me to reach out to many Irish and an international audience. I guess we might as well try..

As I mentioned I will be very busy with my internship and working with the Experience Japan Festival therefore this will leave me very little time to be organising Cosplay Ireland events and shoots but I still want to keep active and productive. Please support me on this one.