Sunday, January 24, 2010

Photoshops I have Done.

Interesting Film

I just watched a really good film titled 'Le Peuple Migrateur' known as 'Winged Migration' here.

It is documentary style portraying the life of wild birds migrating to one part of the earth to another. It reveals the hardships they face and shows interesting comparisons between farmed birds, the work of man and wild birds. The cinematography was amazing and showed stunning scenery across the world. It made me want to travel. ;-) If you are the kind of person into nature videos, or just want to watch something relaxing, I defiantly recommend this. I want to watch it again. Apparently the Rolling Stones gave raving reviews about it.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I Thought This was Funny.

I so can't wait to see the second movie next month, hopefully...


is cool.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I started cosplaying in 2006 and recently over the Summer I have a major passion for this hobbie. Cosplay is always on my mind.

I feel has gotten a lot better since I started using it many years ago. When I first set up my profile which was three years ago, the cosplay photos people uploaded were mainly just people standing normal, showing off their costume or just photos at a con. I stopped using because I just found it boring. Then last year I joined cosplayers cure, the Japanese equivalent to and really liked it, as cosplayers there really got into character with their looks and put lots of thought into the setting of the photos. The cosplayers on cure had really good make up styles, wigs and look very like the character there were cosplaying as. Mind you it is hit or miss. ;-p

I then came back to and was really impressed with the layout of the site and the photos people uploaded. It is wonderful that now has a photoshoot section with excellent settings and the cosplayers look absolutely stunning and convincing. It is like people are thinking 'cosplay is not just about wearing the costume, it is an art form, a craft and about the acting.' It is like is becoming more of artistic site similar to deviant art and I think that is fantastic. Kudos to all those wonderful and thoughtful cosplayers for uploading your wonderful photos and giving me more inspiration. I hope to become really good at what I do and have thanked cosplayers on ideas on wigs, make up and settings.

I can now combine two of my hobbies which I really like being cosplay and photography. Don't get me wrong, cosplay is not all about looking amazing, there is the really fun element to it too and I will never forget that.

I think I kinda like it here...

The things I do for people. I use to be on livejournal years ago and then I met Lolita girls and they all use livejournal so I am back active on it again, then my sister who uses tells me that the Lolita, cosplay and fashion communities are excellent here and there are great photos for imspirations. That is what livejournal really lacks IMO especially with regards to cosplay communities. So I said sure why not I will join here and see what happens. It apparently seems is more popular with cosplayers and livejournal is more popular with Lolitas or maybe not.

I joined a social networking site for cosplayers which I regret as the place is just.........empty. I am not really into social networking sites but I thought it might be a good idea to join as I love cosplay and perhaps meet other cosplayers like myself. Big mistake! It is ghost town there, I rarely go on it. I will leave my profile for dead.

So in a way I am looking forward to doing a bit of exploring around here and see what I find. :-)