Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I have learned my lession well.

Well yesterday I just heard word that one of my relatives was offered a well paid modelling job for Eddie Rockets. It is just random. She always struck me as the athletic, sports type. She was just modelling for a friend's fashion portfolio and her friend submitted the photos to an agency. She got a call from the agency saying she was the perfect build and height for what they are looking for. Now we might see pictures of her in Eddie Rockets advertisements all around Dublin. She will be also offered other paid modelling work. I think it is wonderful that this has happened to her and she does have the really tall height which is perfect for modelling. In a way I just feel.... alittle down as I have always wished or waited for something similar to happen to me.

I guess I just waited and waited for something to happen and from learning from past experiences, I have learned it is the wrong thing to do. Waiting for something to happen has to be one of the most depressing things anyone can fall into. Sitting around and sulking in your room is not going to make it happen. if you really want something and believe you can get it, you will get it. That is why I am really glad that I pushed myself to join model mayhem so I can add more on my cosplay and modelling portfolio. I have two photoshoots coming up, which one will have a Goth, sad theme set in ruins or a castle and the other photoshoot will be a somewhat modern day Alice In Wonderland theme. I am looking forward to these shoots and I know they will lead to other things. It will be very exciting.

For all I know my cousin could of always had an interest in modelling and had in the past submitted her photos to agencies but never has been offered a modelling job until recently. I never believed in over night successes. We always hear stories of singers, actors, what not who get discovered on youtube or online, on the street and become what they always desired, just like that... In the majority of the time these people have worked very hard and have overcome many failures and rejection to get to their destiny. Life is not that easy and lucky. I have read amazing blogs on experiences of people who tried and tried to get to what their really want, failed and got their in the end. I find it fascinating.

In the end, nothing leads to nothing and choices are very important. I had a completely different 'realistic' desire this time last year. I wanted to go into psychology and do counselling and now look what is happening.

Listening to: Alice In Chains - Private Hell

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Time Goes By and I Sit Very Still.

Over the weekend I got fabric for the Rei school uniform.

I kinda worry it is a bit too light and that it would look cheap but I like it as it is sky blue and in that picture the flash is on.

Here is picture of it without the flash. It is a nice blue and I can see it contrasting really well with the red ribbon and the red eyes.

Also... I bought this Lolita, aristocratic looking shirt in H&M on sale for 15E. I was mad not to buy it. The materiel is silky which is really nice.

The shirt would go really well with a corset Lolita skirt like this skirt and cute elegant small black blazer.


I really like this song from Tori Amos's album American Doll Posse.

It kinda reminds me of Makoto Shinkai's anime 5 Centimeters Per Second and Voices of a Distant Star as the song is about relationships.

Well you can stare all day at the sky
But that won't bring her back
That won't bring her back
You say you're waiting on fate
But I think fate is now
I think fate is now
Waiting on us
Make it easy

Bouncing off of Clouds we were

Listening to: Tori Amos - Bouncing off Clouds

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Race is On.

I have a lot of cosplay projects to work on but must work on one at a time, you know take baby steps, one step at a time. Ok well my main goal is to learn how to sew and my first cosplay I plan to make is Rei Ayanami in the school uniform from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.

I think this will be a nice costume to start with. I plan to get a more natural and realistic looking wig (Yes I have seen them they exist). I also want to get deep red eye contacts for this cosplay as I want to look as closely to the character as I can. I plan to go into Specsavers and do the eye contact trial run. I plan to do this when I get the perfect wig and when the costume is nearly done. I plan to do a photoshoot in this costume this summer. Giving Spike Spencer who done the English voice for Shinji Ikari will be the guest for Eirtakon, I will also be cosplaying as the uniformed Rei to Eirtakon so I can get a nerdy photo with him. ;-p

Next cosplay project to work on will be the anti-spiral Nia from Gurran Langann.

I would like to have this done for Eirtakon. Ever since I saw Guran Langann I wanted to cosplay as the anti-spiral Nia and it would be good practice for making the plugsuits. The wig is easy enough to get as cosplay wig has Nia's wig and it is a good place to get wigs. I am also thinking of cosplaying as the adult Maggie Simpson for Eirtakon for the lulz. I put up a post about this a while ago which can be seen here. I came across a good wig for Maggie on crosworx and would just need punk, docs and the grunge look and a dody around my neck.

Of course I plan to start making Ayanami Rei's pluguit this summer.

I am debating to go down the unitard route as I have been told that it will very hard to sew and add on the material as I will have to work around a big bodysuit. I must check out the dance shops in Dublin and see if they have white leotard tops and leggings. It would be more effective and be very like the plugsuit.

I also want to start making Asuka's testsuit from Evangelion 2.0.

I just think it is a great outfit and would be tempted to make another version for normal or outing wear. I enjoy playing as Asuka as she is different to me and it is exciting playing a character who is very extroverted, stuck up and is boastful.

I will also hopefully if I get a chance try and make a cute maid dress for maid Rei.

I would like to make this dress being white and black which would bear resemblance to the plugsuit. I just feel the white and black or black and white suits her more then the blue. I would prefer to make the dress in white and black as the black and white is very generic but I will go with those colours if I am having difficulty in finding white material.

If I have a chance I would like to make Misato Katsuragi's official Nerv uniform.

I wanted to have this made for the upcoming anime conventions being Q-con and Brocon but with so little time left it is unlikely but if if I get a chance over the summer I will work on it.

So I will be cosplaying as C.C. in the black knight uniform to Q-con which is next weekend. I will be shooting with this lovely cosplayer who I met through She is going to be Suzuka and over the summer we plan to do a Lelouch and C.C. photoshoot. I don't think I will be getting the new C.C. wig in time for Q-con so will have to make do with the wig I have and will have the new one for future shoots and cosplays. I will also be cosplaying to Brocon even though I am staffing. Not sure if I will be C.C. again or just do casual cosplays like Mari or cosplay as Misato, my costume from Eirtakon.

My wishlist keeps on getting longer and longer. I must prioritise, well at least I am making the first step which is gathering the foundations for the costumes. So off I go retreat into my chambers and work on these costumes.

Listening to: Tori Amos - Big Wheel

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Guess I want To be Somebody Else.

Portrait of the temptress witch.

I am going to get a better wig, better eye lashes and brown golden eye contacts. I want to be close as the character as I can.

Portrait of the girl who likes the smell of LCL.

Thanking Kieran Broderick for taking the photos. More pictures to come.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Black chariot for the redhead dancing, dancing girl.

Over time I had many inspirations be it cosplayers on the internet, artists, a blogger, a song, art, a person who I know who dresses in the most fascinating style of fashion or a model. I feel everyday I am inspired by someone to achieve my goal or dream. The biggest person who I am very much inspired by is the singer, pianist and performer Tori Amos.

I am also very much inspired by the industrial band Nine Inch Nails with their dark songs and lyrics which very much remind me of the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion but I will go into that another day. I just want to talk about how awesome Tori Amos is and how she has an impact on me as a cosplayer. She has a beautiful, angelic voice, extremely talented on the piano, her music is gorgeous. Some of her songs are like something you would hear in a beautiful anime like Motoko Shinkai's stuff.

This song Winter is a very beautiful song. Unfortunately it is horribly edited but the video is very well made.

It has gorgeous lyrics,

When you gonna make up your mind
When you gonna love you as much as I do
When you gonna make up your mind
Cause things are gonna change so fast

If I could make amvs I would defiantly do a Shinji Ikari character piece using this song. I may only like a few of her songs but I see her beyond her music. I see her as an artist, a person who expresses her views on society and life through her songs. She is controversial and takes things a lot further. I really like Crucify.

She challenges God and religion and the song touches on abuse, maybe suicide, also the video is weird and I love it. That is the thing I really like about Tori she is so eccentric and I love to express this in my cosplays or photos. She is very eccentric in Cornflake Girl, a video I absolutely love from her. I have to say this song is one of my favourite songs. I see in her songs she touches on being the outcast.

I always loves the video of Professional Widow. It is very surreal. Some had said that she refers the professional widow to Courtney Love and that the song reflects the death of Kurt Cobain.

She is such a surrealist artist. Her videos and some of her songs remind me of some surreal anime, I kind of wonder who motivated who. More of Tori's weirdness. This song is cute.

She is so different to other artists I have ever came across. I am so drawn to her also because of her sexual nature. I like the way how she plays the piano with great passion and how attractive and alluring she comes across as. She is also very pretty and distinctive. At times I look at her videos thinking she must be airbrushed as she is way too pretty to be real.

This is just wow. Warning may result in cuming on your keyboard.

To be honest I only really liked her album Little Earthquakes as it was really powerful. She went through bad times but moved on with her music. I haven't really been listening to her newer stuff but I have been meaning to get one of her new albums American Doll Posse.

I would love to be the cosplay Tori Amos as she is eccentric, creepy, erotic and not afraid to go beyond the limits. She really is an inspiration. Her music has touched people over the years and her lyrics have been discussed and interpreted in many different ways. She a little bit reminds me of Hideki Anno the director of Neon Genesis Evangelion as nobody really knows what is going on with her songs or what her lyrics mean which makes her all that more amazing. I am really looking forward to seeing her live for the first time next month.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

American Doll Posse

Listening to: Boom Boom Satellites - Sloughin' Blue

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Smells Like Teen Spirit

I found this oddly shaped crisp today.

Does it look like half of a love heart or half of an angel wing? You decide.

I killed a moth today by accident. He was on my window blind and when I went to move it up, he flew and I must of wacked it or something. I never liked insects but I never want to kill them and always hated it when people killed them for fun. I am not like the bastard Max from John's Banville novel The Sea which I am reading at the moment. He killed insects for pleasure like many twisted teens back in the day. I actually felt bad but it was by accident. I gave this picture a morbid look.

This picture is just full of pure Aaaaawh.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

The BIC Awards.

Yeah I know it has been a while since this event and I have been always meaning to upload photos from it when I finished college but I got distracted. The BICs stands for the Boards of Irish College Societies. Giving Eirtakon won best event at the DCU clubs and societies awards we were nominated for best event for the BIC awards which means you win the best in the country. The BICs were held in the Hudson Bay hotel which is a Spa hotel and was very nice. You had Lough Rea as your view. The hotel is just located outside Athlone.

Here is a picture of the outside of the hotel.

This event took place around the end of April, me thinks... So Stephen, Sean who is on the committee and I went to Athlone to represent Eirtakon. We went very early, got the train to Athlone around after 7am and the trip took nearly 2 hours. I was really tired when I got down there and there was a lot going on. There was also a lot of standing around. We realised that we could of gotten a later train as we got down too early, awh well. It was all go, go, go when we got there, no time for sleep but it was a great experience and I met a lot of people, surprisingly enough many of them were anime fans and Eirtakon attendees. We were surprised to learn that an art society were at the con. Thinking about it now, I guess that is no surprise as anime does have that artistic element to it.

So later more people arrived and on the table on the right was where we had to register.

Spot Stephen ahead in the suit and Sean on the right with his folder. This was when we were heading into the opening ceremony.

Stephen and Sean waiting for the ceremony. The ceremony was pretty much just an introduction and telling us what was in store for us ahead.

Ah yeah the queue. I just sat there while Stephen and Sean had to wait in that big queue to get the keys to our room. The guy's hoodie saying, "come and play" is a little interesting.

And they are still waiting....

After we dropped our stuff in the hotel room we headed for the restaurant for free tea and sandwiches which was really nice.

Stephen and I.

Sean looking chippy.

This was just before going into the interview. We went into this room and sat at a table. Three people at the other end of the table just asked us questions about Eirtakon and how it benefited the college. We kinda didn't know what to say there as Eirtakon to be honest didn't really benefit DCU but it was nicely covered up as Stephen and Sean both explained that Eirtakon has been a great benefit to the Irish anime, manga community by encouraging other anime events in the country and bringing the niche community together. One of the guys who asked the questions was very interested in the cosplay. After the interview we had to do a visual presentation on our event in front of people who we were competing against in the best events category.

Us doing our presentation. I think I am yawning or something. The presentations were really interesting. Many of them were fashion shows but there was one I really liked and it was a photography exhibition called, "look up". The point of the event was to display photographic images on the ceiling and that people will walk by an image everyday and never notice it. It was about observing simple things. The girl giving the talk seemed really passionate about it. Oh Do you remember this guy?

Yeah Pedo Bear. We actually met him at the presentations. He recognised us and asked us were we from Eirtakon, we replied yeah and he said that he was the famous Pedo Bear. How odd, the guy behind Pedo Bear turned out to be the chair of the Maynooth fashion show. The final presentations were from Trinity who done the Fringe Festival. Their event seemed very impressive as they put alot of work into it and had big guests. After the presentations we all knew who the winner will be.

I like these posters. There were under the best society poster category. The DCU Zombie week poster on the top left won in this category. It is a very good poster, imo the best one there.

Later on in the night was good fun and games. We were all dressed up. I wore my fancy black and white lolita dress with tights and my black heals with the bows. We all sat in the ball room eating a delicious meal and then the awards began. Well we didn't win best event, the Trinity crowd did but they really deserved it so we were happy for them. It was great that the Anime and Manga society from the University of Limerick won best new society. After the awards we chatted and hung out with the UL Anime and Manga society who were a nice bunch. Stephen and I agreed to be their staff for Brocon. Hey we get in for free. ;-) I tried to enjoy the night and chat to people but I was just way too tired and felt very anti-sociable. I really was wrecked. I ended up just going to bed. The sleep did me good. We got home early the next day. I really enjoyed the experience and was a highlight of the year for me. It was a wonderful thing to expereince as it was a one off opportunity and I met nice people. Again the hotel we stayed in was so luxurious, I love it.

Listening to: NIN - A Warm Place