Saturday, June 5, 2010

Smells Like Teen Spirit

I found this oddly shaped crisp today.

Does it look like half of a love heart or half of an angel wing? You decide.

I killed a moth today by accident. He was on my window blind and when I went to move it up, he flew and I must of wacked it or something. I never liked insects but I never want to kill them and always hated it when people killed them for fun. I am not like the bastard Max from John's Banville novel The Sea which I am reading at the moment. He killed insects for pleasure like many twisted teens back in the day. I actually felt bad but it was by accident. I gave this picture a morbid look.

This picture is just full of pure Aaaaawh.

Listening to: Boom Boom Satellites - Bike Ride to the Moon


  1. That is the best Tatyo I've ever seen.
    Also coolest mom ever.

  2. Yeah I love seeing cosplay mothers or dads, cosplaying with their kids.