Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Race is On.

I have a lot of cosplay projects to work on but must work on one at a time, you know take baby steps, one step at a time. Ok well my main goal is to learn how to sew and my first cosplay I plan to make is Rei Ayanami in the school uniform from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.

I think this will be a nice costume to start with. I plan to get a more natural and realistic looking wig (Yes I have seen them they exist). I also want to get deep red eye contacts for this cosplay as I want to look as closely to the character as I can. I plan to go into Specsavers and do the eye contact trial run. I plan to do this when I get the perfect wig and when the costume is nearly done. I plan to do a photoshoot in this costume this summer. Giving Spike Spencer who done the English voice for Shinji Ikari will be the guest for Eirtakon, I will also be cosplaying as the uniformed Rei to Eirtakon so I can get a nerdy photo with him. ;-p

Next cosplay project to work on will be the anti-spiral Nia from Gurran Langann.

I would like to have this done for Eirtakon. Ever since I saw Guran Langann I wanted to cosplay as the anti-spiral Nia and it would be good practice for making the plugsuits. The wig is easy enough to get as cosplay wig has Nia's wig and it is a good place to get wigs. I am also thinking of cosplaying as the adult Maggie Simpson for Eirtakon for the lulz. I put up a post about this a while ago which can be seen here. I came across a good wig for Maggie on crosworx and would just need punk, docs and the grunge look and a dody around my neck.

Of course I plan to start making Ayanami Rei's pluguit this summer.

I am debating to go down the unitard route as I have been told that it will very hard to sew and add on the material as I will have to work around a big bodysuit. I must check out the dance shops in Dublin and see if they have white leotard tops and leggings. It would be more effective and be very like the plugsuit.

I also want to start making Asuka's testsuit from Evangelion 2.0.

I just think it is a great outfit and would be tempted to make another version for normal or outing wear. I enjoy playing as Asuka as she is different to me and it is exciting playing a character who is very extroverted, stuck up and is boastful.

I will also hopefully if I get a chance try and make a cute maid dress for maid Rei.

I would like to make this dress being white and black which would bear resemblance to the plugsuit. I just feel the white and black or black and white suits her more then the blue. I would prefer to make the dress in white and black as the black and white is very generic but I will go with those colours if I am having difficulty in finding white material.

If I have a chance I would like to make Misato Katsuragi's official Nerv uniform.

I wanted to have this made for the upcoming anime conventions being Q-con and Brocon but with so little time left it is unlikely but if if I get a chance over the summer I will work on it.

So I will be cosplaying as C.C. in the black knight uniform to Q-con which is next weekend. I will be shooting with this lovely cosplayer who I met through She is going to be Suzuka and over the summer we plan to do a Lelouch and C.C. photoshoot. I don't think I will be getting the new C.C. wig in time for Q-con so will have to make do with the wig I have and will have the new one for future shoots and cosplays. I will also be cosplaying to Brocon even though I am staffing. Not sure if I will be C.C. again or just do casual cosplays like Mari or cosplay as Misato, my costume from Eirtakon.

My wishlist keeps on getting longer and longer. I must prioritise, well at least I am making the first step which is gathering the foundations for the costumes. So off I go retreat into my chambers and work on these costumes.

Listening to: Tori Amos - Big Wheel

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