Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rei out hitting the town

I came across this set of a Rei Ayanami cosplayer online before Christmas. I am not sure who the photographer is but the model is Adusa or could be the photographer's name. Anyway I really like these photo because they are no editing, no fancy lighting it is just a simple outdoor shoot but yet very effective. Rei comes across as a very depressing character so you see alot of Rei cosplayers portraying her in run down buildings and depressing settings but I find these photos very uplifting, it is like Rei is just out and about having fun. :)

The model isn't wearing Rei's blue hair and red eyes but she still really captures the character really well and she gives some smiles which is nice. These photos are really natural and I really like them. I would like to get photos like these but not as Rei, maybe in an 80s,90s punk goth style outfit, similar setting giving the NIN song Down in it, vibe. I think this set is one of my favourite Rei photos. It is nice to see out of the box pictures.

Seasons Greetings

Yep I know it is late but I hope everyone is having a Merry Chrtistmas and a Happy New Year.

This is the Christmas shoot I done with Natasha and David Kennedy. More photos can bee seen in my DA.

Monday, December 12, 2011

You stooole my hat!!

C.C. and Bulma Shoot

I done a fun Christmas cosplay shoot on Saturday and drank with my old anime buddies from Eirtakon. I had such a great time shooting with Natasha who I know from the cosplay scene. This was her first shoot and she really enjoyed it. We had such a laugh! I was C.C. and she was cosplaying as Bulma from Dragon Ball Z. Natasha is a big DBZ fan. David Kennedy who done the very good Rei photos was our photographer. I look forward to showing them off! Hopefully it won't be long. ^^

In the meantime, saw this on cruchyroll and I really want this figurine and costume. ;)

After the shoot I was really tired but was glad I went out. I haven't been out in along time because of the study so it was good. :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jumps on the Eva fan train...

Happy Birthday Asuka. Have a good one..


Someday I will find a way out of this place..

Listening to: NIN - The Becoming

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Ghost of Kinsale

More beautful work from GrummanCat.

Do check out more of his work - http://grummancat.deviantart.com/

Collabrations and TFFA

I had a very interesting talk with Stephen Doyle a photographer who I met on Folio32 over the weekend. We both plan on doing a big cosplay project together, it will be a series of photos showing how cosplay effects our identities and effects us personally. Stephen is new to cosplay but as an artist he finds it very fascinating, the blur between fantasy and reality. We both see our art as our way of life. :) We hope later to get more cosplayers involved and hopefully I can share this project with the exciting, international cosplay community. I am not going to say too much, it is all in the planning process. :)

Also it is fantastic to be working with GrummanCat another big Evangelion fan and does a web comic. I found his link from an Evangelion fansite, enjoyed his fan made Evangelion comic and of course like his art and before we knew it, we decided to work together on creative ideas. I thought I would never as a model and cosplayer have the opportunity to work with a fan artist, never alone an Eva fan. I can see now "Time for Fan Art" up there with "Time For Prints". :P Here are two excellent Rei images he done of me.

I love this one so elegant like mixing Rei and I's personailty into one.

It is all going to be exciting. Just a pity it all happens this year when I am bogged down with college but it will be worth it. :)