Saturday, December 3, 2011

Collabrations and TFFA

I had a very interesting talk with Stephen Doyle a photographer who I met on Folio32 over the weekend. We both plan on doing a big cosplay project together, it will be a series of photos showing how cosplay effects our identities and effects us personally. Stephen is new to cosplay but as an artist he finds it very fascinating, the blur between fantasy and reality. We both see our art as our way of life. :) We hope later to get more cosplayers involved and hopefully I can share this project with the exciting, international cosplay community. I am not going to say too much, it is all in the planning process. :)

Also it is fantastic to be working with GrummanCat another big Evangelion fan and does a web comic. I found his link from an Evangelion fansite, enjoyed his fan made Evangelion comic and of course like his art and before we knew it, we decided to work together on creative ideas. I thought I would never as a model and cosplayer have the opportunity to work with a fan artist, never alone an Eva fan. I can see now "Time for Fan Art" up there with "Time For Prints". :P Here are two excellent Rei images he done of me.

I love this one so elegant like mixing Rei and I's personailty into one.

It is all going to be exciting. Just a pity it all happens this year when I am bogged down with college but it will be worth it. :)


  1. Fascinating stuff - how exciting it must be to be somebody's muse! Can't wait to see where all this takes you :)

  2. Yeah it is very exciting. :) You just got to get out there and do it. Like comment on people's work, put yourself out there, get chatting because that one comment could take you anywhere.