Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rei out hitting the town

I came across this set of a Rei Ayanami cosplayer online before Christmas. I am not sure who the photographer is but the model is Adusa or could be the photographer's name. Anyway I really like these photo because they are no editing, no fancy lighting it is just a simple outdoor shoot but yet very effective. Rei comes across as a very depressing character so you see alot of Rei cosplayers portraying her in run down buildings and depressing settings but I find these photos very uplifting, it is like Rei is just out and about having fun. :)

The model isn't wearing Rei's blue hair and red eyes but she still really captures the character really well and she gives some smiles which is nice. These photos are really natural and I really like them. I would like to get photos like these but not as Rei, maybe in an 80s,90s punk goth style outfit, similar setting giving the NIN song Down in it, vibe. I think this set is one of my favourite Rei photos. It is nice to see out of the box pictures.


  1. I can see where some of these show her facial expressions well, but some of the poses are not 'Rei'.

    I like the one of her by the tree the best of them all.

  2. That is interesting you say that. I think it is fasinating that everyone sees characters differently, it is like they came from novels not visuals. Everyone has their own
    interpretation on what the character would look like in real life. It is very interesting. :)

    Yes I think the picture of the Rei cosplayer by the tree is my favourite too. I love images of Rei covering her one eye with her hair. It can look very sexy.

  3. Simplicity pays off sometimes, I really like the set and the second to last one is my favorite, not sure why. I do like seeing different people's interpretations of characters as well.