Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Cosplay and Events Diary in Summary

In plainer and in bullet points;

  • July 20th - Will be attending the Celtic Cosplay picnic in the Iveagh Gardens. Will hopefully be attending the Nom-Con Beach party which is on the same day.
  • July 27th - Cosplaying for Dublin Comic Convention for a promotional event. Will be wearing my Babydoll cosplay and representing Cosplay Ireland.
  • August 10th-11th - Will be cosplaying at Dublin Comic Convention representing Cosplay Ireland. I will be Babydoll and maybe go as Juliet Starling as Rei from Highschool of the Dead.
  • August 30th-September 1st - Will be cosplaying at Nomcon and will be giving a Cosplay Ireland panel. I am looking at bringing back my Mari Makinami Illustrious cosplay as Monica Rial who voices Mari is one of the guests! :D I am also looking at doing another cosplay which I like to keep a secret. It could be doable. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

So It is Con Season!

This week sure flew in! Last week I was preparing for the St. Mochta Family picnic Funday in Clonsilla Dublin. I cosplayed as Rei Miyamoto from High School of the Dead  and we cosplayed with Star Wars costuming group 501st Ireland. It was a fun day!

The three of us had to explain to the audience what cosplay is and encourage people at the event to give it a go. It was quite scary talking on the stage to people who are unfamiliar with cosplay but it was a joy to present it. I will blog about this event another day along with the Bloom Festival.

 So moving along... Getting on to Con season or convention season ta season to be going to conventions. Same with the States and everywhere else, here in Ireland we have caught up with the rest of the world having a few conventions on over the summer. Attending these conventions is like going to a music festival or ritual which takes me back to my Cultural Event Management postgraduate Diploma course, our lecture speaks of how cultural events and festivals bring a deep meaning to attendees. Conventions are a big part of my life and love seeing old friends and catching up!

This weekend I will be cosplaying at Arcadecon a large mixed medium convention held in the Ballbridge Hotel in Dublin. Video footage of last year below! See can you spot my Babydoll. :p

Also here is a video of me being interviewed.

My cosplay this year, giving budget is low will be simply be Juliet Starling from Lolipop Chainsaw alternative outfit, cosplaying as Rei Miyamoto. I had the costume all ready therefore I just needed a wig, lolipop and a chainsaw. My chainsaw is being made by Cosplay-Props Eire. I am was going to do Nick's head with help from a friend but it turned out it was too difficult and again low on money and resources. Maybe will do it in the future. Well in the beginning of the game Starling doesn't have Nick's head so...

The game really is class and enjoy playing it so much! It brought my faith back into gaming. Also Juliet would be a fun character to act out and pose as she is crazy. :p I am tempted to cosplay in her other alternative outfits. Watch the trailer! :D

I am delighted with my wig as it looks the part and I can wear it for other shoots and cosplays! I am literally dying to photoshoot as Juliet in this cosplay! I am only attending the Saturday and will be organising a Cosplay Ireland meet up for 16:00 in the back lounge , behind the tradehall, just a meet and greet if anyone would like to come along. We will be taking some group shots for our site!

I think the next convention I will be attending won't be until August for Dublin Comic Con. I look forward to taking part in the Promotional event in Belfast on the 20th of July. I will be cosplaying as Babydoll and the Predators will be there. More info later to come!

I am looking forward to Nomcon which is on the 30th of August to the-1st of September. Nomcon is a nice cosy, warm convention dedicated Anime, Manga and Japanese culture. I will be presenting a Cosplay Ireland talk and look forward to showing how far Cosplay Ireland has become. I will also like to talk about the rise of Japanese pop culture in Ireland and beyond as I have alot of experience there.

Let the fun commence! :D