Friday, November 8, 2013

Recent Fashion Photoshoot

Last weekend I really enjoyed working with photographer Paul Kolbe and Make Up Artist Erika Matuskova

I really like these photos! :D

 I call the above "Mugi-Chan" reminds me from K-On. A very enjoyable series by the way.

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Dublin International Comic Expo

Around 3 weeks ago, ( A month ago now):p I was approached to MC and organise a cosplay contest and competition for the Dublin International Comic Expo in Dundrum Shopping Centre. I registered cosplayers for the event in advance through Facebook. The power of facebook and social media with advertising!

We thankfully got a good few cosplayers to take part in the event. This photo was taken in HMV Dundrum. It was enjoyable event and the cosplays were really good! More photos of the event and of cosplayers can be seen on the Cosplay Ireland page.