Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Running too many sites

It has come to my attention that I am far too many cosplay and modelling sites which leads me to spend too much time on the Internet. As much as I love the Internet and it gave me a great opportunity to get my work out there and connect and meet people who I never would have met before I spend too much time on it, when I don't spend much time doing other things that make me happy such as my family, friends, and watching anime. I am defiantly thinking of deleting my accounts or maybe only update them once and while as I want to support cosplay websites. I need to get back to working on my website and apply for jobs, I suppose it is more of a focus and time management issue and I need to set prioties straight.

My DeviantArt is my main site for uploading images and Facebook but I upload all my work on DeviantArt as I feel some images aren't appropiate for Facebook. I still use Tumblr, cosplay.com, cure, ModelMayhem and WorldCosplay from time to time. Cosplayisland and folio I rarely use but will remain an account there for support and will update occasionally. I will also get back to updating my cosplay educational blog.

This post was for people who follow my work and will know where I update the most.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Inspirational Spiral Cats Interview

I am a big fan of the Spiral Cats, not only are they fantastic cosplayers, they challenge the whole cosplay professionalism. I really think it is good that they are cosplayers out there pushing it as an art and wish to seek a profession in it in some way. I found this interview inspirational.

If 6 was 9

This is one of the best covers I ever listened to. Tori is amazing.

Oh my Asuka what big Eva you are piloting there..

Really excited! :D

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Yesterday I graduated from my Postgrade Diploma in Business and Cultural Event Management IADT. It was a very enjoyable day. The ceremony was nice, relaxing and short. It was lovely catching up with my classmates. A big thanks to my family for making it a special day. It was my involvement with Eirtakon and Experience Japan which helped me make the decision to get a qualification in Cultural Event Management.

Lets hope good things come my way. :)

Eirtakon 2012!

Over the weekend I was busy running the cosplay events with Fiona, Jay and Nicole. I have been involved with Eirtakon for six years being one of the Cosplay and Fashion Coordinators and it a large job. Eirtakon went very well this year and it was all thanks to the hard working committee!

So there is me on the right cosplaying as Rei Miyamoto from High School of the Dead with my cosplay partner Fiona cosplaying as Saya looking lovely. This picture was taken at the start of the big day ahead of us!

The three girls, Nicole as Saeko. I used Fiona's BadGirl Baseball bat as a prop. ;)

There were alot of very good Avengers Cosplay. That is Kathryn crossplaying as Loki very impressive! Her cosplays are always fantastic.

This was the Cosplay Experts panel I done with Fiona, Tríona from Tóg.ie, Micheal, Joe and Jay. We talked about different topics and gave advice on different aspects in cosplaying.

I spoke of inspirations for photoshoots and costume ideas. To take your inspirations from everywhere not just from anime, comics and films. As a cosplayer I am really inspired by fashion photography, album art and music and I put more focus on the acting and roleplaying part then the costume. I am still learning and is always looking at ways to improve my skills and when I get abit of free time I would like to begin a dressmaking course so I can make my costumes.  I also highlighted to use your imagination and be creative and that the acting part of Cosplay is just as important as the costume part.

 The above scary looking clown guy is Joe a professional prop maker and made my Babydoll props. He also spoke about prop making in the Cosplay Experts panel. That is Tina as Harlyquinn with an anime twist, she made her own mallet which looks class.

 That is Sean who is on the Eirtakon committee too, doing a panel on Gundam. Mr. Yamada from the Japanese Embassy visit Eirtakon and was very impressed with Sean's Gundam panel.

 Alot of People in the trader hall. We may have had nearly 2,000 attendees which is large for an Irish convention.

 We had a Japanese culture area where the college Japanese society and Experience Japan the other event I am involved with had tables educating people on Japanese culture. These are images of the Wishing Tree were attendees wrote their wishes. :)

This is Fairtakon, a mini carnival Eirtakon style!
 The prizes which are game cards and glorious figurines.

Aha! Speaking of Eirtakon style, we done a suprise event the Gangnam Dance where we acted like eejits and grabed as much as possible to the stage. It was my highlight of Eirtakon!

This was a great idea which the committee came out with! Each member of the committee had to recommend an anime to the attendees. Can you figure out which anime I recommended? ;P

Great SailorIronman and SailorThor cosplayers!

 This is Kate Courtney who does a fantastic Grell. She does alot of shoots and has an account on DeviantArt and WorldCosplay. You may have seen her Grell cosplay around.

 This is the Artist Alley. Alot of very talented aritsts.

Very impressive prop!
 Finally for the first time other Asuka and Rei cosplayers! I cosplayed as Rei with Vicky who was Asuka back at Eirtakon 2010 and eversince we have not seen another Evangelion cosplayer. I spoke to these ladies and they were lovely.

 Impressive Steampunk! It was a pleasure interveiwng these ladies at the StageShow on the Sunday. The
StageShow was an event where Jay and I interviewed cosplayers and fashion people about their creations and ideas.

I really had a fun and enjoyable weekend. It was always a pleasure chatting to folks. Unfortunely we never got a chance to do a mini High School of the Dead shoot as we were so busy running events and then when we were free we were too tired to pose. I might get some pictures this weekend or at the CosArt shoots with Stephen.