Tuesday, May 31, 2011

CandyDolls an innocent fetish

While browsing a website a girl was asking advice on how to do Candy Doll make up and provided a link. As I am trying to learn how to do Dolfie make up for shoots and for cosplays I clicked on the link as I thought it might be helpful. To my dismay it was something different.

The website was Japanese and showed images of children wearing cute outfits but no they were not images of your ordinary children wearing fairytale costumes and looking adorable. The images to me were shocking, showing children in revealing outfits and posing in a seductive manner. Even worse most of the children on the website were wearing fetish outfits being swimsuits, Japanese schoolgirl and even latex gloves and boots.

I am open minded what people are into and I deeply respect Japan's openness and freedom of art but deep down I just find fetishes concerning real children highly disturbing. It is disturbing to think that middle aged men get turned on by these photos and there is a market for them. Now if the images were child like, innocent yet the models were older like in their late teens, twenties that would be ok because they are not real kids but when they are real kids it's disturbing because the kids don't know what they are doing.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I found this picture on an image board and think it would make a great cosplay photo. There has been many images of Rei with long hair and good ones in the plugsuit. This image kinda has a cyber goth feel to it, ok despite the fact she is in a bikini and her boobs are hanging out :p it the colours of the image and the way her hair looks makes it that way. I think her hair would look good in dreads and if I was to mimic this image I would do Rei as a cyber goth or just cyber in the plugsuit or some outfit. Have some crazy pigtails in bright blue dreads.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Events and Events

On Thursday I was at an art exhibition named PhotoWorks: A Collection of Independent Photographic Works.

Keiran Broderick was displaying some of his photos at it, his collection was titled Stolen Moments which displayed random people on buses and trains. There was free wine. :) It was nice talking to people and meeting Mechanic Geisha. Kieran was thrilled with the turnout, there was many interesting photography at it like ordinary people living their daily lives in nudes, photos of Sandymount strand and interesting photos of smokey effects not sure how it was done, I think it was the lighting.

Then on Saturday a few of us from Eirtakon helped out at an ArcadeCon event ArcadeMania. ArcadeCon is an exiting new anime, sci-fi, movies, music and gaming convention held in July in the D4 hotel in Dublin. They ran an event in an arcade in town and done a cosplay competition, it was a great turnout and many cosplayed. :) It was nice talking to the committee as they seem very delighted and it was wonderful taking to Joe who wants to be a professional cosplay prop and model maker. I love meeting people like that who are as much passionate in cosplay as you are. Joe will be doing an armour workshop at ArcadeCon, I look forward to it. I plan on staffing at the con to help out. I am very excited. ^^

Convention season is approaching with Q-con kicking off in the end of June, then ArcadeCon and Brocon in July, then Nomcon in August. Will be wrecked but will enjoy it. :) Then Eirtakon 3 months later.

There is no you But only me

I just got this tights over the weekend and there is already alittle rip. :(

I need to get good photos of me in that outfit, I will wear maybe lamb Japanese school girl socks or black tigh highs? Hmmmmmm

Slowly..... getting better

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Friday, May 13, 2011

The boring cosplayer

I have been browsing other cosplayers blogs/websites and other peoples' blogs and I have realised how boring and dull my blog layout is. It really needs to be done up, I had this layout for more then a year. If only I can get used to the controls here, I will get on to it. o_0

Only time will tell....

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Good Soldier

Gunfire in the street
Where we used to meet
Echoes out a beat
When the bass goes "bomb"
Right over my head
Step over the dead
Remember what you said

You know a part about life
Is just a waking dream
Well I know what you mean
But that ain't how it seems right here, right now

How can this be real?
I can barely feel

I am trying to see
I am trying to believe
This is not where I should be
I am trying to believe

Blood hardens in the sand
Cold metal in my hand
Hope you understand the way that things are gonna be
There's nowhere left to hide
'Cause God is on our side
I keep telling myself

I am trying to see
I am trying to believe
This is not where I should be
I am trying to believe

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thank You.. these are words of gratitude, Words that I have never used..

Something that is valued.

Pretty Figures

I would like to get back into figurine photography, a great interest of mine.

Now the model Brendan made for me. I think this is very thoughtful of him, that he made a figure of me cosplaying as my favourite character.

And she sits lovely between my other figures as they look at her in great curiosity.

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The Wrecked

Ya know I'd like to keep my cheeks dry today So stay with me and I'll have it made

Thanks to Brendan who shoots the injured, cast photos of me, I now have a tripod. Giving today was a nice day, I decided to play with the new toy.

Listening to: NIN - Gave up - All that could have been

Girl Talk

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