Tuesday, May 31, 2011

CandyDolls an innocent fetish

While browsing a website a girl was asking advice on how to do Candy Doll make up and provided a link. As I am trying to learn how to do Dolfie make up for shoots and for cosplays I clicked on the link as I thought it might be helpful. To my dismay it was something different.

The website was Japanese and showed images of children wearing cute outfits but no they were not images of your ordinary children wearing fairytale costumes and looking adorable. The images to me were shocking, showing children in revealing outfits and posing in a seductive manner. Even worse most of the children on the website were wearing fetish outfits being swimsuits, Japanese schoolgirl and even latex gloves and boots.

I am open minded what people are into and I deeply respect Japan's openness and freedom of art but deep down I just find fetishes concerning real children highly disturbing. It is disturbing to think that middle aged men get turned on by these photos and there is a market for them. Now if the images were child like, innocent yet the models were older like in their late teens, twenties that would be ok because they are not real kids but when they are real kids it's disturbing because the kids don't know what they are doing.


  1. The heck? That's nasty....I mean exploiting children for gratification...while I can understand that people have different fetishes and likes which need to be satisfied, the children in those kind of photos generally don't fully understand the ramifications of their actions and are just being used. Even if they did, they are only children! They should be playing games...

    I guess I am babbling but I just think that all kids if able should be given a normal childhood free of this crap...

  2. I know when it comes to children it really is disgusting, they could easily get older girls who could look just as cute and innocent and at least they understand what is going on and want they are doing. Also they know what they are in for, unlike a child they don't.