Monday, May 23, 2011

Events and Events

On Thursday I was at an art exhibition named PhotoWorks: A Collection of Independent Photographic Works.

Keiran Broderick was displaying some of his photos at it, his collection was titled Stolen Moments which displayed random people on buses and trains. There was free wine. :) It was nice talking to people and meeting Mechanic Geisha. Kieran was thrilled with the turnout, there was many interesting photography at it like ordinary people living their daily lives in nudes, photos of Sandymount strand and interesting photos of smokey effects not sure how it was done, I think it was the lighting.

Then on Saturday a few of us from Eirtakon helped out at an ArcadeCon event ArcadeMania. ArcadeCon is an exiting new anime, sci-fi, movies, music and gaming convention held in July in the D4 hotel in Dublin. They ran an event in an arcade in town and done a cosplay competition, it was a great turnout and many cosplayed. :) It was nice talking to the committee as they seem very delighted and it was wonderful taking to Joe who wants to be a professional cosplay prop and model maker. I love meeting people like that who are as much passionate in cosplay as you are. Joe will be doing an armour workshop at ArcadeCon, I look forward to it. I plan on staffing at the con to help out. I am very excited. ^^

Convention season is approaching with Q-con kicking off in the end of June, then ArcadeCon and Brocon in July, then Nomcon in August. Will be wrecked but will enjoy it. :) Then Eirtakon 3 months later.

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