Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nomcon 2012

Nomcon was good fun! The hotel was really nice. Everything was very central.

So I leave you with pictures! :)

 The Tiffany Grant and Matt Greenfield signings. A good few turned up.

 Thanks to attendee Timothy Tang who is a massive Asuka fan for taking this picture. This was when we were queuing to get to meet the guests and get our stuff signed. Tiffany and Matt were nice to talk to and down to earth and Tiffany commented on my cosplay. ;)

 The cosplayers from the Cosplay Masquerade, lots of great cosplays!

 Lara Garnermann who organises the Cosplay for a Cause charities and Mitsue Jimi who is a poet from Japan and wrote a Cat Soliloquy both conducting this panel on Japanese poetry. It was very enjoyable.

 I love art books and I am a fan of Tony Taka, was very tempted to buy but I am going to Budapest next weekend so need to save! Next time I will get some artbooks.

 A selfy I took after the con. I am kinda happy with how I done Asuka's make up as I do look more vicious but I am little worried that I look kinda heavy as I am wearing too much make up? Feedback and opinions are always appreciated (if constructive)

The charity auction pictures. This was at the very end twas great fun and I am imagine a lot was raised for the charity. Tiffany was great flaunting her goodies to get buyers to auction. They were some really nice gems as you can see in the images below.

 and lots of DVDs...
Nomcon really had fantastic skits and the Nomcon committee done a comedy Evangelion fandub which was hilarious! It can be seen here. Very well done.

In the masquerade pictures above you will see a really good Merida from Brave cosplay by Lorraine who done a very good skit which she won best skit. It was very entertaining and well done. Well done to her and Kathryn for writing it!

Listening to: Hole - Celebrity Skin

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Busy Schedule!

This week is a very busy week for me! Well tomorrow and Thursday I will be voluntering for the DarkLight Festival which is a festival dedicated to artistic, independent films and Irish animation. It runs this Thursday to Sunday. I am looking foward to voluntering as it will be different to what I done before (working at conventions and cosplay events), I can learn from the festival and hopefully I get to network and branch out my contacts. I will try and take pictures and post them here.

Then on Saturday I will be at Nomcon a big Anime and Manga convention on in Dublin in the Burlington Hotel. I will be doing a Cosplay Ireland panel at 11.30-12:00 along with photographer Stephen Hedley who took the great shots of cosplayers for CosArt and for the Cosplay Ireland website if he can come along! We would love lots of photographers and artists to come along as we will be talking about the next wave of the CosArt shoots and cosplayers can sign up!

I will be cosplaying as Asuka Langely from Neon Genesis Evangelion in the school uniform. Thankfully since I dyed my hair it is quite similar to her but depending on funds I want to get bright blue contacts. Then hopefully if I can come along on Sunday I intend to cosplay as Babydoll and be part of a SuckerPunch group with Osato and Ades who will be Blondie and Amber.  Unfortunely I was hoping to have my Mirai Suenaga from Culture Japan cosplay completed for Nomcon and submit in my cosplay images to Danny Choo's Otaku Report but again with funds being low and being really busy I am not going to get the cosplay fnished but I will work on it after Nomcon and put images up anyway when the costume is completed.

I look forward to the mad and busy week ahead, let the madness begin!

Monday, August 13, 2012

CosArt First Wave of Shoots

On Friday Cosplay Ireland had their first wave of shoots for the CosArt exhibition. It was a very successful day with 9 excellent cosplayers turning up! The pictures came out amazing with the cosplayers looking like figurines. Thanks to Stephen Hedley for taking these images. He kindly setted up a Cosplay Ireland Photography page where you can check out top shots from Cosplay Ireland. :) More of the images can be seen here.

I really look forward to the next month's shoot and hope more cosplayers and photographers come along.

This is Louise known as Lightning Louise on Facebook. She has a DeviantArt where you can check out more of her great Lightning and Final Fantasy cosplays -

 This is Ades and Osato Idelegbagbon making a fanatasticTifa and Yuna. You can view more of Osato cosplays at -


 Ades cosplaying as Ciel Phantomhive. It is a great picture.

 Osato cosplaying as Ran-Mao. I really like her lenses they really make her eyes pop and doll like.

This is Daniel cosplaying as Vergil from Devil May Cry.

The Final Fantasy heroines battling it out. :p

I really look forward to more shoots! We really hope lots more people come to our next shoot in September.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Dublin Zombie Walk 2012

I was at the Dublin Zombie Walk over the weekend which is a major charity event for the Irish Cancer Society and Barnadas. Well over 14,000 people particapted as zombies, zombie hunters and even some cosplayed espcially from Resident Evil and Batman. I had such great fun and really look forward to promoting cosplay at it next year!

I am not sure who this girl is suppose to be but it does look awesome!

 Thanks to Derek Burnel who I know from work for takng this image and editing it. Babydoll looking classy as a steward. ;)

 That is Stephen and I and Victoria who I met at the Zombie Walk. Her partner Dominic is lovely too and made a very impressive zombie!

 Picture taken by David Kiernan

Thanks alot to Lisa for taking and editing these images. Lisa was lovely to talk to and we plan on doing a SuckerPunch shoot sometime.

Some video footage :)

Spot the zombie in seifuku.

More information on the Zombie Walk can be found here -
More pictures by respected photographers -

Friday, August 3, 2012

Anime I am currently watching.

I am back on a roll watching anime again and feels good. :P I just finished watching Sankarea which I really enjoyed! It is a slice of life comedy with likeable characters. It is about Chihiro a guy who is zombie obsessed and dreams of dating a zombie girl. Then he meets Rea a girl from the wealthy Sanka family who want to escape from her father who keeps her trapped. Rea accidently dies while trying to escape and becomes a zombie. A bonding relationship developes between Chihiro and Rea. I find that I have to watch it again as there were little hints to the story. I would recemmend this series for people new into anime or any anime fan. I really like the opening theme it is class and catchy! I look forward to the second session and will check out the manga. I also like Rea as a character and her dress sense. :p

I also finished watching Peulla Magi Magical Girl and it was a real ge!. I am going to defiantly buy the boxset. It is a very dark story of girls becoming magical girls to save the world but there is a dark side to the contract. The anime has amazing visuals and is very artistic with expressive character designs. This series reminded me alot of SuckerPunch in so many ways with the bonding of the characters and the theme centred on trapped females. It also has a great soundtrack. I watched it in the dub which I wasn't impressed with and I only liked Akemi's voice but later in the series the voices got annoying so I prefer to re-watch it in the Japanese, that is my opinion anyway. :)

I also started watching Vampire Princess Miyu. It is an old anime from the 90s and I like the art style and Miyu's costume. I remember watching the movies a long time ago when the Sci-Fi Channel showed late night anime and liked it as it is a vampire series touching on traditional Japanese culture.