Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Busy Schedule!

This week is a very busy week for me! Well tomorrow and Thursday I will be voluntering for the DarkLight Festival which is a festival dedicated to artistic, independent films and Irish animation. It runs this Thursday to Sunday. I am looking foward to voluntering as it will be different to what I done before (working at conventions and cosplay events), I can learn from the festival and hopefully I get to network and branch out my contacts. I will try and take pictures and post them here.

Then on Saturday I will be at Nomcon a big Anime and Manga convention on in Dublin in the Burlington Hotel. I will be doing a Cosplay Ireland panel at 11.30-12:00 along with photographer Stephen Hedley who took the great shots of cosplayers for CosArt and for the Cosplay Ireland website if he can come along! We would love lots of photographers and artists to come along as we will be talking about the next wave of the CosArt shoots and cosplayers can sign up!

I will be cosplaying as Asuka Langely from Neon Genesis Evangelion in the school uniform. Thankfully since I dyed my hair it is quite similar to her but depending on funds I want to get bright blue contacts. Then hopefully if I can come along on Sunday I intend to cosplay as Babydoll and be part of a SuckerPunch group with Osato and Ades who will be Blondie and Amber.  Unfortunely I was hoping to have my Mirai Suenaga from Culture Japan cosplay completed for Nomcon and submit in my cosplay images to Danny Choo's Otaku Report but again with funds being low and being really busy I am not going to get the cosplay fnished but I will work on it after Nomcon and put images up anyway when the costume is completed.

I look forward to the mad and busy week ahead, let the madness begin!

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  1. Hopefully you get some time to eat and sleep through all this.

    btw: Facebook is deleting any user account with the word 'Cosplay' in it. If you have a fanpage, then you are fine.

    I am a moderator over at SocialCos and we have been getting slammed with new users due to this craziness.

    may want to spread the word so people don't loose their account.