Friday, August 3, 2012

Anime I am currently watching.

I am back on a roll watching anime again and feels good. :P I just finished watching Sankarea which I really enjoyed! It is a slice of life comedy with likeable characters. It is about Chihiro a guy who is zombie obsessed and dreams of dating a zombie girl. Then he meets Rea a girl from the wealthy Sanka family who want to escape from her father who keeps her trapped. Rea accidently dies while trying to escape and becomes a zombie. A bonding relationship developes between Chihiro and Rea. I find that I have to watch it again as there were little hints to the story. I would recemmend this series for people new into anime or any anime fan. I really like the opening theme it is class and catchy! I look forward to the second session and will check out the manga. I also like Rea as a character and her dress sense. :p

I also finished watching Peulla Magi Magical Girl and it was a real ge!. I am going to defiantly buy the boxset. It is a very dark story of girls becoming magical girls to save the world but there is a dark side to the contract. The anime has amazing visuals and is very artistic with expressive character designs. This series reminded me alot of SuckerPunch in so many ways with the bonding of the characters and the theme centred on trapped females. It also has a great soundtrack. I watched it in the dub which I wasn't impressed with and I only liked Akemi's voice but later in the series the voices got annoying so I prefer to re-watch it in the Japanese, that is my opinion anyway. :)

I also started watching Vampire Princess Miyu. It is an old anime from the 90s and I like the art style and Miyu's costume. I remember watching the movies a long time ago when the Sci-Fi Channel showed late night anime and liked it as it is a vampire series touching on traditional Japanese culture.


  1. It is cool to see that you picked up an older series like Vampire Princess Miyu. Sometimes it is interesting to see that some of these series still resonate today.

    I am currently watching some anime this season called Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse, Sword Art Online and Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. of these are game based and each differently setup from another.

  2. Yes I like a great mixture. :) I really want to check out Muv-Luv and alot of people are talking about Sword Art Online. I like watching the old stuff for nostalgia reasons, to see the anime I missed out on and I enjoy the new stuff because you will see be suprised they is some nice suprises.