Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nomcon 2012

Nomcon was good fun! The hotel was really nice. Everything was very central.

So I leave you with pictures! :)

 The Tiffany Grant and Matt Greenfield signings. A good few turned up.

 Thanks to attendee Timothy Tang who is a massive Asuka fan for taking this picture. This was when we were queuing to get to meet the guests and get our stuff signed. Tiffany and Matt were nice to talk to and down to earth and Tiffany commented on my cosplay. ;)

 The cosplayers from the Cosplay Masquerade, lots of great cosplays!

 Lara Garnermann who organises the Cosplay for a Cause charities and Mitsue Jimi who is a poet from Japan and wrote a Cat Soliloquy both conducting this panel on Japanese poetry. It was very enjoyable.

 I love art books and I am a fan of Tony Taka, was very tempted to buy but I am going to Budapest next weekend so need to save! Next time I will get some artbooks.

 A selfy I took after the con. I am kinda happy with how I done Asuka's make up as I do look more vicious but I am little worried that I look kinda heavy as I am wearing too much make up? Feedback and opinions are always appreciated (if constructive)

The charity auction pictures. This was at the very end twas great fun and I am imagine a lot was raised for the charity. Tiffany was great flaunting her goodies to get buyers to auction. They were some really nice gems as you can see in the images below.

 and lots of DVDs...
Nomcon really had fantastic skits and the Nomcon committee done a comedy Evangelion fandub which was hilarious! It can be seen here. Very well done.

In the masquerade pictures above you will see a really good Merida from Brave cosplay by Lorraine who done a very good skit which she won best skit. It was very entertaining and well done. Well done to her and Kathryn for writing it!

Listening to: Hole - Celebrity Skin


  1. Damn, that Asuka cosplay really suits you! If ever there was a year to cospay as Kaji this was it lol.

  2. Thanks alot William! Nice to hear from you. I would love it if you were Kaji. :)