Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Tall Ships Festival 2012

During the Nomcon weekend I attended the Tall Ships Festival which is a large festival in Dublin exhibiting pirate ships and military ships from all around the world.

I only attended the Friday night but had a great time! They were lots of people around and a high buzz, also very athmospheric.

Unfortunely it was raining so the picture didn't come out too good.

 This was really cool, the performers were very dramatic and really fast paced dance music was played.

 This performer was gorgeous it really looks like she is flying. Her cape was flown down to the audience. Also spot the mermaid on the sea horse on the right. Stunning costume.

 These were floats going around the festival and people could join in.

 Here are a few images of the Martime Festival (the old name) two years ago. A big difference in the weather!

It is tradition for me to wear my sailor outfit to this festival every year.

Also unfortunely I never really got a chance to volunteer at the Darklight Festival due to work but I heard it was really good so glad it went really well! Also Lorraine Scanlon who I know from the con scene is running a worldwide animation convention named Aka-Con in Dublin around April if anyone is interested.


  1. We have a Tall Ships Festival here in Baltimore, but I ma not sure if they are the same group. I don't remember them doing any late night shows.

    Hello Sailor Girl - lol - very pretty cosplay

  2. In the past the festival was alot smaller and only did day time entertainment but this year they really went way out with circus performers and even Therapy played at it and there were lots of bands! Big improvement.

    Thanks for the comment but that is an outfit I kinda wear all the time. :P

    1. I thought it looked to cute and reminded me of a cosplay - sorry ~ m(_ _)m

  3. Yacht Chater Dubai amazing picture and good way to describe through the photo shots.