Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Dublin Zombie Walk 2012

I was at the Dublin Zombie Walk over the weekend which is a major charity event for the Irish Cancer Society and Barnadas. Well over 14,000 people particapted as zombies, zombie hunters and even some cosplayed espcially from Resident Evil and Batman. I had such great fun and really look forward to promoting cosplay at it next year!

I am not sure who this girl is suppose to be but it does look awesome!

 Thanks to Derek Burnel who I know from work for takng this image and editing it. Babydoll looking classy as a steward. ;)

 That is Stephen and I and Victoria who I met at the Zombie Walk. Her partner Dominic is lovely too and made a very impressive zombie!

 Picture taken by David Kiernan

Thanks alot to Lisa for taking and editing these images. Lisa was lovely to talk to and we plan on doing a SuckerPunch shoot sometime.

Some video footage :)

Spot the zombie in seifuku.

More information on the Zombie Walk can be found here -
More pictures by respected photographers -


  1. I guess you really had your hand full killing all the zombies. This always seem to be a cool event in Dublin and hope they raised a lot of money :)

  2. Yeah they were very successful. :)