Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I fell victim and it is sad

I have been verbally abused the last couple of weeks just because of my cosplay photos. I have been trolled and attacked by a certain person telling me that I am a horrible cosplayer and that I am very bad because I always cosplay as the "same character over and over again." She even took the time to count all the creases on my Rei Ayanami school uniform which is sad. She even went really low stealing my identity posting me on 4chan, pretending to be me and getting people to look at my photos and say what they think. I also think this was highly disrespectful for the photographers who took those photos as they would not want to be associated with a dogey site.

I don't cosplay to impress, yes maybe I think I would like it if I ever became big with my cosplay and I guess it would be nice to find my cosplay photos on international forums and blogs as I know they are opportunities out there, but I cosplay for myself for self expression, for self enjoyment, to better myself and show my love and likeness to a character and to meet people. I have met wonderful people through cosplay and modelling. My life has gotten so much better. If you don't like my photos, then stop following me, I am very happy with my style and image in cosplay and modelling. I understand that over time I may upset people as I get more adventurous and if I upset the ones I care about, I would stop doing that style. I enjoy what I am doing as long as it doesn't harm anyone else.

I feel it is pathetic and sad that they are people out there who have nothing better to do but to count creases on people's costumes and bash them. What are you getting out of it? It just makes you trolls look pathetic and time wasting. That 4chan thread was pretty much laughed at as it was pathetic trolling. I am not sure if this girl despises cosplay or just despises Rei and trolls other cosplayer's/model's blogs but it really is sad.

This girl Amberploosion or Am burp, lotion whatever it is, just made me more determined to cosplay more and get myself more out so there's a big thank you for that.

So please stop stalking me, trying to be me (or I could take it as compliment) and do something better with your time, in the end of the day, it makes the troll look bad and jealous not the victim.

Enough said. Moving on.

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