Sunday, June 5, 2011

Had a fun shoot with Vicky Makoto

I done a fun shoot with my friend Vicky aka Makoto who I know from the EireEGL group yesterday :) Vicky cosplayed with me at Eirtakon 2010 as Asuka Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion as I cosplayed as Rei. We both wore our school uniforms, eversince Eirtakon we both have been meaning to do a proper Evangelion shoot but we were always both busy or something got in the way so it was yesterday or never. Stephen done a great job being the photographer.

We hopped on a dart out to Merrion college which is a secondary school outside of Dublin. It was amusing Stephen taking photos of us in our Evangelion cosplay on the train and we both acted in character. Then Stephen got some shots of us on school grounds, afterwards we headed out to BlackRock and Stephen got shots of us pretending we are on a beach, they are some amusing photos one of Vicky and I learning on a path with the waves coming towards us and there was a big splash so Stephen snapped a shot of us running away and being splashed. We then took some photos in Dun Laoighre which is a really nice place with the sea port and park. Stephen got some great shots of us on the escalators which is in the train station getting shots like the series. Those photos turned out well. We unfortunately had to cut the shoot short as Vicky's wig was killing her giving the fringe was really long and it was poking into her blue lenses and my wig wouldn't sit right giving my wig cap was really loose. Many of the photos didn't come out very well as we were constantly fixing our wigs, it was really hot weather and my make up wasn't the best. Also my red lenses expired so I had to make do without them. Despite that it was fun and Stephen did get some fantastic shots like the series.

We didn't stop the shoot there, Vicky and I then got changed into punk outfits and Stephen got some shots of us in BlackRock that was out final destination. The original idea was to do punk Asuka and Rei as we were doing the school uniform shoot but for the above reasons we just went ahead with is as ourselves. We then got lovely mocha frappes in Starbucks and relaxed there and ended the day with Stephen getting cute photos of Vicky and I in Japanese school uniforms.

It really was a fun day, even most of the didn't come out well, we did get many fantastic ones and in the end of the day it is all about having fun. :) I can't wait to upload them I just have to go through them as they are lots. :)

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

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