Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ambitious outsider

I am not really fan of Lady Ga Ga, but I watched this video last night and found it very touching. Not because it is some famous celebrity reaching out to people who were effected by a disaster, she could of been anyone, or some unknown model, cosplayer whatnot saying this speech and I still would of found it very touching.

I really felt I connected alot to her speech. Her speech was reaching out to the Japanese people telling them not to give up on their dreams, ambitions and hopes for the future. Life is hard and we will always get ups and downs. There are times we are going to have to work hard to archive what we really want in life, opportunities don't knock on your door.

To be honest when I got home from Q-con, I felt alittle terrible as I felt nothing was happening, I got lazy, the internet and 4chan gossip nearly took over my life, I wasn't doing anything productive, it really wasn't healthy. I had a long think about things and asked myself what do I really want to achieve this summer, well I really want to focus on the Cosplay Ireland business, do many shoots, get out there more, be a product, make cosplays and dresses, learn Japanese.

How am I going to get there? Ok I have a small income but I will manage, if I really want something I will get it. I am going to look after myself too. Focus on the positive. I plan on buying fabric and making costume ideas I have for Asuka and Rei, be more focused. I really felt before going away to Q-con my life was upside down and I was stuck in a rut and now I am like I need to move forward and get the ball rolling, because time is ticking away.

I really felt connected to Ga Ga's speech as she says she worked very hard to be the artist she is today and says she won't give up on Japan the country that really inspired her. A year ago I use to hate lady Ga Ga as her image annoyed me but now I appreciate her as she is different and brings alot of colour to peoples' lives. I also want to become an artist in cosplay, acting, modelling whatnot and want my art to connect to people like the manga and anime artists who greatly inspired me. I always loved Lisa Simpson's quote in that episode when Bart becomes well known for his one line "I didn't do it"

If I ever become famous I would want it to become something worthwhile, not over some stupid fad.

That is how I feel about cosplay, I do it for self expression to connect and bring colour to peoples' lives, not just be a pretty stick girl in costume standing there. I want to entertain and perform, be art. I want to connect and be recognised.

Life is like a jig-saw puzzle things will not make sense, thing s will fall apart, you will be left unsure but if you keep positive as Danny says the rest will follow and everything will fall into place. I found an article from Danny Choo on how Japan inspired him to be what he is today a great read and very inspirational for me. I read it a few times to motivate myself, to achieve my goals.

Bad things will happen but in the end you just know something amazing will come out of it. It is all like Alice in Wonderland for me or American McGee's Alice, I fell down the rabbit hole when I left my room, started uploading my cosplay photos, doing shoots.

I encountered the Duchess, weird, strange people completely outside of my society bashing me, encountered the caterpillar who liked me and met wonderful people and became stronger. In the end you got to stay strong and just follow your heart, that is another reason why I appreciate Lady Ga Ga, she does her own thing and doesn't care what people think, not afraid to not stick to the rules, she is an inspiration to many people and that is something I aspire to be.

Haters are gona hate especially if your art is different and they are conservative but don't let them win. Life would be very boring if we were all the same.


  1. I am starting to feel the same way. I used to do Nature Photography almost weekly, now, lucky if I go out an shoot in a couple months.

    Blogging, anime, manga, daily life crap, does eventually eat at you. Hell, it still eats at me, but then I still get up and start all over again. Must stay awake or the bunnies will eat me . . .

    On a 'sunny note', American McGee's Alice game is a trip. Stopped playing it though when my son came up behind me and was watching it while I played - not cool dude.

  2. This is such an incredible post. Best of luck with your goals :)

  3. @bluedrakon: Yeah I really find the internet takes me away from my other hobbies. That is not good your kid seeing Alice. :P When I was alot younger I would of been terrified of that game and now I like thinks like that. :P

    @Hotaru: Thanks alot, I hope to inspire. I always found your posts very inspiring too. :)