Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Q-con this weekend

I am getting very excited for Q-con. The last time I was there was back in 2008. I have been meaning to go back afterwards but something always got in the way but now I am defiantly going and really can't wait!

I will be cosplaying as Rei Ayanami (of course :p) in bandages, and an arm sling. I also plan on taking part in the masquerade which is strange for me as I am normally the judge. I did take part in the masquerade when I was at Q-con in 2008 and that was when I was Erotica lolita Rei Ayanami, being on the stage was a terrific expereince. I am kinda debating should I act as Rei on the stage instead of just standing there showing off my costume. I will take a look at Rei's poem and will maybe say a line from the poem while on the stage.

I have been meaning to write up a blog post of my fondness for playing Rei but I will get on to it anytime. I think it will be important to explain why I cosplay as Rei and how I relate to her but for now the poem or Rei's monologue will give you an insight into her character. It is a great listen and very haunting.

Here is a picture of Stephen and I at Q-con back in 2008. I need to re-do that ero-lolita Rei costume and get good pictures in it.

I am really looking forward to seeing the amazing cosplayers and seeing everyone. It is great that the anime, gamer, nerd community here in Ireland is quite small so everyone kinda knows each another and while at conventions there are like reunion parties. :)

Also I will be shooting with Brendan on the Friday and Saturday, alittle experiment Brendan wants to try out so it should be fun.

Also looking forward to meeting another passionate cosplayer Silverhairsamurai and passionate cosplay photographer Gambitlebeau.

So I will be away all weekend but will take lots of pictures and report when I get back. :)

I also got then ArcadeCon the weekend next, then Brocon in Limerick, then a nice long break then Nomcon and before we know it will be Eirtakon. I am a busy bee.


  1. It seemed that Rei always played the inevitable victim as she was just a 'tool' that the Commander used as he saw fit. The vat that housed all her body parts really wigged me out when I saw that.

    But she still had that strong side that kept her moving forward or was that just desperation for affection?

    She was one mixed up girl throughout the entire series. YOU felt for her and hope maybe Shinji would hook up with her (until you found out it was his mom's DNA).

    You really do bring her emotionally into your cosplay - exceptional work - no matter the baka critics.

  2. Hey bluedrakon

    thanks very much for what you said. I have been cosplaying as Rei for a good while now and I still have lots to learn about her and still learning about her character.

    I really want to read the manga as the anime only surfaces her character, the manga is alot deeper. I seriously appreciate what you said and I am always looking for feedback.

    I am just back from Q-con and had a fun time so I will upload the pictures soon. :)