Thursday, June 30, 2011

All aboard

I am getting really excited for ArcadeCon this weekend. I was up to 1am working on the cosplay panel which Fiona and I will be doing on Saturday morning at 10am I believe. It is similar to the Eirtakon one but a wee different so hopefully people will find it interesting.

I got the rest of my Rin cosplay stuff but the bows on her hair aren't quite like hers. I just got wide black ribbon and plan on putting my hair in little pigtails like hers and tie bows but last night from looking at pictures of Rin, she doesn't use ribbon but awh well it will do for the weekend, I will correct that part after the convention before I do a photoshoot. I know I am a perfectionist. >_< Other then that the top looks fantastic, I just got the vector print on the red top I got in a boutique, it looks really well. :)

I absolutely love Rin's pose here it is so full of power and very dominant. When I get the bows and get the brown loafers and that necklace, I am defiantly going to arrange a proper shoot doing that pose.

Giving I was so busy I only got around to watching two episides of Fate Stay Night, so at least I know Rin is not just a flirt, she also has a mysterious and serious, dominance to her. I think FSN is a good series, it kinda reminds me abit of Buffy Vampire Slayer kind if thing. I look forward to watching more episodes.

So I just need to pack for the weekend. Giving I will be staffing I am not sure if I will be able to take many pictures but I will bring my camera and try. :) I will also try and update my cosplay blog if I get around to it today as I will be putting it in as a reference in the panel.

So I hope to see many of you there, and do say hi. :) For the other readers have a nice weekend and thanks for your comments.

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