Thursday, July 14, 2011

Its time for updates

I had such a fantastic time staffing at ArcadeCon. The crowd were awseome to hang out with. Got to see Declan the Co-Con director wear a pretty dress. :P

So getting ready for a hard days work in my Rin Tohsaka cosplay.

The empty hall and the very start.

Awh Gundam!!

Doing that Rin pose.

With Lorriane.

With Tina

Kayleigh the Con Director and Cosplay, anime director. Very cute. :)

A happy trader.

This is Joe Prime who is a professional and qualified craftsman and prop maker. Not sure if he will be attending Nomcon but he will be at Eirtakon selling his props and will be doing a workshop. It is reasons like this that made me set up Cosplay Ireland as they are expereinced people like Joe at there where a cosplayer can find that person and benefit from it.

I got my nails done. Suit Rin abit.

With Sonia Leong and Doc who are professional manga artists from the UK and work for Sweatshop Studios. I met Sonia way back in 2006 at my very first anime convention TomoDaichi. She was dressed in lolita and I was only getting into lolita at the time. It was nice that she remembered me at ArcadeCon. Doc her colleague was really nice too, he is actually a professional games designer and sponsers cosplay events in the UK, made good contacts. :)

And the cosplay skits we all love the skits!

Myaself and Fiona with Vicky and Farrah. Vicky is a professional and qualified fashion designer who just graduated from college and has her own lable Velou Rose and Farrah has her own label named Valentine For Sale. They both make stunning stuff.

Fiona the happy girl beside me is my cosplay assistant at Eirtakon and at Cosplay events. I would much rather call her another cosplay coordinator as she works hard and derserves it. She is willing to help wtih Cosplay Ireland and record the cosplay events on camera as she is a qualified cameraman.

Myself with the Dreamwear girls. I have known Mimi, Fiona and Tina for years as they always came to Eirtakon since 2006. They have their own label Dreamwear and make gorgeous dresses, I am delighted that they will be part of my project Cosplay Ireland. Their stall in the picture below. I really wanted to buy one of their dresses but was so broke. :(

har har..

The ArcadeCon gang working hard at the closing ceremony.

Lots of people.

Where's Wholly?

The best part Declan wearing a pretty dress for the charity auction.

Link auctioning off Joe Prime's made sword and shield.

It really was a fun weekend, meeting lots og nice people and meeting traders and contacts who woant to be part of Cosplay Ireland. I liked my Rin cosplay but I think I really need the black hair so I am going to order a Rin wig next and will hopefully have it in time for Nomcon. :)


  1. Very nice Rin even without the wig.

    I love the fact the con director cosplayed. THe small cons when i lived in Florida only wore t-shirts showcasing the con.

    Seems that cosplay is alive an kick'n in Ireland which is very cool.

    I would of enjoyed being there as I have a sketch book that I take to cons. I enjoy getting new artwork :D