Saturday, July 16, 2011

I have been busy

Well the weekend after AracadeCon more anime and cosplay events happened in Dublin so I brought my camera and took pictures for Cosplay Ireland.

Forbidden Planet a big nerd store for comics and manga, they had a cosplay event and gave a prize to the best cosplayer.

Luffy won the anime competition.

This is a very cute Digimon cosplay and she won the competition, fair play to her for making it herself.

Afterwards Micheal who I met on FB organised an anime screening night in the Exchange Temple Bar so I headed down with a few afterwards. I really enjoyed the night, there were a good few people there. They showed one episode of Genshiken then Cat Soup which was very odd, as much as I like surreal it really wasn't my cup of tea, then finally we watched Akira. This was the first time I watched Akira fully as I always seen bits of it years ago on the Sci-Fi channel.

I liked Akira the art and the story was very interesting but it really dragged out towards the middle and the ending was just like that's it but I wouldn't say Akira was terrible, I do really apprecaite it and can see why it is a classic. I really want to read the manga. I am somewhat inspired to do a photoshoot in a Tokyo-3 like setting, maybe will do sometime in the future. I haven't seen many Akira cosplay despite it being a popular movie.

I really enjoyed myself and chatted to a few people and spoke to Micheal afterwards. He really wants to do more anime and screening events so hopefully we will see more. I offered my support and help as I am active in the cosplay and love seeing more activity in the anime, manga community.

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