Monday, July 25, 2011

The Big Dublin Zombie Walk

On Saturday, Dublin was invaded ny mass zombies. There was a big Zombie Walk held in the city centre in aid of the Irish Cander Society. It really was a fabulous event. People went way out with their make up and costumes. I got some pictures of cosplayers. I cosplayed as zombiefied Rin Tohsaka.

Loved this kid, was so into it!

Zombie Waldo

I was wearing a high vis because I was staffing at it and taking pictures for Cosplay Ireland.

Want a hug?

It really was great fun, People of all types and ages took part. More pictures can be seen on the Cosplay Ireland FB page and on the Zombie Walk FB Page. It is good that the Zombie Walk is getting lots of coverage.


  1. It was great that you were there and part of the staff on top of it.

    Someone needs to help zombies get where they need to go. Make sure the do not wonder into homes and such :D

  2. Ha! I was there as well! So much fun! I had full army camo on and intestines hanging out (notice me? :p)

  3. Hey William :)

    No I didn't see you but I remember someone talking about how awesome you were. :)

    Will you be at Nomcon?

  4. @bluedrakon: yeah exactly! ;)It was mad staffing at it but fun. Love being involved.

  5. I will mos definitely be at nomcon. In two minds weither to cosply or not though. Kinda wanna chill :P

  6. Yeah I know what you mean but then you may regret it, its up to yourself though. :)

    Well if you do see me please say hi! :)