Sunday, June 12, 2011

My new cosplay blog

I was inspired by mechanic geisha's make up blog so I decided to create a cosplay awareness blog, educating people about cosplay like the panel Fiona and I did at Eirtakon. I will also express and share my expereince as a cosplayer giving tips on skincare and make up and will talk about how to handle cosplay drama online which I had experienced over the last few weeks. This blog will focus on the Irish convention scene and will be all about the positive.

I saw the point of setting up a new blog because this blog is my cosplay, modelling and personal blog and it is not always about cosplay so reader may find it confusing that I educate about cosplay in one post and then switch to something completely different, so it is best just to have one blog focusing on cosplay tips and tutorials and keep this blog for events, coverage and for expressing myself.

Well here is the link, hope you all enjoy it and find it helpful. :)

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