Monday, December 12, 2011

C.C. and Bulma Shoot

I done a fun Christmas cosplay shoot on Saturday and drank with my old anime buddies from Eirtakon. I had such a great time shooting with Natasha who I know from the cosplay scene. This was her first shoot and she really enjoyed it. We had such a laugh! I was C.C. and she was cosplaying as Bulma from Dragon Ball Z. Natasha is a big DBZ fan. David Kennedy who done the very good Rei photos was our photographer. I look forward to showing them off! Hopefully it won't be long. ^^

In the meantime, saw this on cruchyroll and I really want this figurine and costume. ;)

After the shoot I was really tired but was glad I went out. I haven't been out in along time because of the study so it was good. :)


  1. It is great that you had some time to get away from school stuff and enjoy yourself. We are all looking forward to the photos as we know they will be great.

    That is really a sexy Santa cosplay to do - assuming that is C.C.?

  2. Yeah it is great to get away. :) Awh thanks alot, it was Natasha's first shoot but she seemed to enjoy herself and hopefully she will be happy with the photos. It was fun.

    Yep it is C.C. It is indeed very sexy. :3