Saturday, June 12, 2010

Black chariot for the redhead dancing, dancing girl.

Over time I had many inspirations be it cosplayers on the internet, artists, a blogger, a song, art, a person who I know who dresses in the most fascinating style of fashion or a model. I feel everyday I am inspired by someone to achieve my goal or dream. The biggest person who I am very much inspired by is the singer, pianist and performer Tori Amos.

I am also very much inspired by the industrial band Nine Inch Nails with their dark songs and lyrics which very much remind me of the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion but I will go into that another day. I just want to talk about how awesome Tori Amos is and how she has an impact on me as a cosplayer. She has a beautiful, angelic voice, extremely talented on the piano, her music is gorgeous. Some of her songs are like something you would hear in a beautiful anime like Motoko Shinkai's stuff.

This song Winter is a very beautiful song. Unfortunately it is horribly edited but the video is very well made.

It has gorgeous lyrics,

When you gonna make up your mind
When you gonna love you as much as I do
When you gonna make up your mind
Cause things are gonna change so fast

If I could make amvs I would defiantly do a Shinji Ikari character piece using this song. I may only like a few of her songs but I see her beyond her music. I see her as an artist, a person who expresses her views on society and life through her songs. She is controversial and takes things a lot further. I really like Crucify.

She challenges God and religion and the song touches on abuse, maybe suicide, also the video is weird and I love it. That is the thing I really like about Tori she is so eccentric and I love to express this in my cosplays or photos. She is very eccentric in Cornflake Girl, a video I absolutely love from her. I have to say this song is one of my favourite songs. I see in her songs she touches on being the outcast.

I always loves the video of Professional Widow. It is very surreal. Some had said that she refers the professional widow to Courtney Love and that the song reflects the death of Kurt Cobain.

She is such a surrealist artist. Her videos and some of her songs remind me of some surreal anime, I kind of wonder who motivated who. More of Tori's weirdness. This song is cute.

She is so different to other artists I have ever came across. I am so drawn to her also because of her sexual nature. I like the way how she plays the piano with great passion and how attractive and alluring she comes across as. She is also very pretty and distinctive. At times I look at her videos thinking she must be airbrushed as she is way too pretty to be real.

This is just wow. Warning may result in cuming on your keyboard.

To be honest I only really liked her album Little Earthquakes as it was really powerful. She went through bad times but moved on with her music. I haven't really been listening to her newer stuff but I have been meaning to get one of her new albums American Doll Posse.

I would love to be the cosplay Tori Amos as she is eccentric, creepy, erotic and not afraid to go beyond the limits. She really is an inspiration. Her music has touched people over the years and her lyrics have been discussed and interpreted in many different ways. She a little bit reminds me of Hideki Anno the director of Neon Genesis Evangelion as nobody really knows what is going on with her songs or what her lyrics mean which makes her all that more amazing. I am really looking forward to seeing her live for the first time next month.

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