Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I have learned my lession well.

Well yesterday I just heard word that one of my relatives was offered a well paid modelling job for Eddie Rockets. It is just random. She always struck me as the athletic, sports type. She was just modelling for a friend's fashion portfolio and her friend submitted the photos to an agency. She got a call from the agency saying she was the perfect build and height for what they are looking for. Now we might see pictures of her in Eddie Rockets advertisements all around Dublin. She will be also offered other paid modelling work. I think it is wonderful that this has happened to her and she does have the really tall height which is perfect for modelling. In a way I just feel.... alittle down as I have always wished or waited for something similar to happen to me.

I guess I just waited and waited for something to happen and from learning from past experiences, I have learned it is the wrong thing to do. Waiting for something to happen has to be one of the most depressing things anyone can fall into. Sitting around and sulking in your room is not going to make it happen. if you really want something and believe you can get it, you will get it. That is why I am really glad that I pushed myself to join model mayhem so I can add more on my cosplay and modelling portfolio. I have two photoshoots coming up, which one will have a Goth, sad theme set in ruins or a castle and the other photoshoot will be a somewhat modern day Alice In Wonderland theme. I am looking forward to these shoots and I know they will lead to other things. It will be very exciting.

For all I know my cousin could of always had an interest in modelling and had in the past submitted her photos to agencies but never has been offered a modelling job until recently. I never believed in over night successes. We always hear stories of singers, actors, what not who get discovered on youtube or online, on the street and become what they always desired, just like that... In the majority of the time these people have worked very hard and have overcome many failures and rejection to get to their destiny. Life is not that easy and lucky. I have read amazing blogs on experiences of people who tried and tried to get to what their really want, failed and got their in the end. I find it fascinating.

In the end, nothing leads to nothing and choices are very important. I had a completely different 'realistic' desire this time last year. I wanted to go into psychology and do counselling and now look what is happening.

Listening to: Alice In Chains - Private Hell

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