Monday, July 5, 2010

The Power Of Orange Knickers.

I am back listening to Tori Amos's album, The Beekeeper, I remember listening to it a few years back and not liking it. I always thought it never had a patch on her older stuff and on her powerful album Little Earthquakes but now listening to it, I like it. It is funny when we listen to something again you like it and your perception changes. The album is a lot happier in contrasts to Little Earthquakes and I realise it does have wonderful songs on it.

Well that was a bit random but I wanted in this post to show some simple and interesting photos I took over the years. The power of simple things and appreciating the simple things in life. :-)

My sister took the above Ladybird picture. I really like it. Do check out her blog she is just as artistic. :-)

Listening to: Tori Amos - The Beekeeper


  1. That door picture is rather good,
    Where is that?

  2. A lot of people seem to like that one. It is my sister's bedroom door. That is what is so interesting about that picture, you wouldn't think it was a bedroom door.

  3. Those are all fabulous, all in different ways.

    I like :)

  4. Thanks. Glad you like them. :-)