Thursday, July 8, 2010

Insult To Injury

Over the last couple of months I am beginning to absolutely love dreadfalls. I love the neon colour of them, the tangles and they are just very striking.

I am beginning to appreciate and respect cyper goths as they are very colourful and are very creative like cosplayers. I love those furry leg warmers and the googles. I don't know is it just me but I just find that they is a lack of alternate cosplay and lack of dreadfalls. Ok I know many anime characters don't suit dreadfalls but I have come across cosplays of anime characters or fictional, who I think would look really amazing with dreadfalls. When I see these cosplays I have a giant urge to cosplay as that character with deadfalls just to show how striking it can look on anime characters.

Seeing these girls in dreadfalls and googles, I really want to do a Miku Hatsune cosplay in bright neon blue dreadfalls and googles.

Ok, I am no fan of Vocaloid and have no idea what it is all about but when I came across Miku's outfit, I just though her outfit would make an amazing cyber goth cosplay, even though many people would argue she is not cyber goth but I really think she can pull it off. I always like to add abit of originality to my cosplays and I haven't yet come across anyone who done a cyber goth version of the Vocaloid characters, even though they would really pull it off in my own opinion.

As far as I know, dreadfalls are easy enough to make, so if I just check out an online tutorial, I will give it go making them. I won't make the outfit as it is too flashy and would just buy it online or at an convention. If I get the hang of making dreadfalls, I would love to make yellow ones for my bumble bee costume which I wore back at Halloween and wear furry leg warmers with it. For Miku I would like to wear furry leg warmers too. To be honest if I go ahead with this cosplay I would maybe not cosplay as Miku in public and would only cosplay in this outfit for photoshoots or if someone was organising a Vocaloid gathering or photoshoot, as I don't want to betray fans. I would be only cosplaying as Miku because I am drawn to the outfit. I have also come across other striking costumes from Vocaloid which I would love to add dreadfalls and googles too. It is not set in stone if I will do this cosplay, I think it all depends if I can make dreadfalls and on time of course.

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