Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brocon Pics, bare with me long post but you will be happy in the end.

Pictures from Brocon. It was a pity I didn't have my good camera as the lens got damaged beforehand so I had to leave my lens to be repaired. Therefore we had to make do with Stephen's compact camera, which done the job. The lens on his camera are abit damaged so sorry for the bad quality in some of the photos.

Stupid mirror shot, after getting into my costume. This is the most clear photo. Misato works her magic.

The artist alley.

The Dealers Hall.

The gamers.

Lots of plushes and goodies. Yeah...

The guest Francesca Dani's panel.

The cosplayers in the contest.

The two winners of the contest posing with Francesca.

Misato-san eating her chips.

Rev the camera man. This was Saturday night.

Mark who came down with Stephen and I being pleasant.

A drunkan photo of me.

Brocon staff or committee (not sure) being the PA for the charity auction. It really was a fun night.

Six bottles of beer on the wall. One falls down, now there are five bottles of beer on the wall..

Hungover. Oooh do I have to... Stupid work.

Tenchi! I loved this anime when it was back on Cartoon Network. Brings back good times.

The Dealers Hall on the Sunday, it seemed busier then Saturday.

Art from the artist alley.

Misato-san poses with the Iron Man.

Of course I never forget the fan service. ;-)

Welcome to Ireland. ;-p

Things I am sorry I didn't do while at Brocon;

1. I am sorry I didn't bring my Otacool 2 Cosplayers Worldwide book to get an autograph of Francesca and get a photo with her.

2. I am sorry I didn't buy that manga which caught my eye. It had a white cover and an alluring, cheeky schoolgirl wearing a summer sailor fuku uniform. I flicked through it and found it interesting but never got around to buying it. I was drawn to the main character, the way she looked and maybe because em.... of her eechi-ness. I should look out for it.

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