Wednesday, July 28, 2010

For Better, For Worse

I came across this video a few days ago. It is titled a Cosplayer's Story and is Chinese made, I think. It is in three parts. I stumbled across this video while working on the cosplay panel for Eirtakon and as much as gay and happy it is, it is quite a good watch. It is a very well done piece of film and it is very true what it says about cosplay. The story is pretty much about a girl who does sewing with her mam and has a boring life. Then she meets a girl called Vicky who is in the middle of doing a Sheryl Nome cosplay photoshoot and she needs someone to fix her dress. Then the main girl gets sucked into the world of cosplay and her life has completely transformed.

From watching this film I feel it is very true. I feel that cosplay has transformed my life and I would love to stress the kick and enjoyment people get out of it. I know it is only a hobbie but from reading other cosplayer's expereince from the Otacool 2 book cosplay has actually bettered people. It gives people confidence and makes one creative. My confidence has build up so much because of it and it shows.

Listening to: Florence And The Machine - Dog Days are Over

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