Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lets make it interesting.

Art a concept that so fascinates me. I came across these images awhile ago and find them striking.

Image 1: an album cover from one of John Lennon's albums.

Image 2: a front cover of a film. I have no nothing about this film or haven't seen it.


Image 3: The front cover of the End of Evangelion.

So what do these three images have in common? That face. Who copied who? That I don't know. I have seen many other artforms which has a big, pale, face coming out of the ground in the distance. When I saw image 1 and image 2 they straight away reminded me of the End of Evangelion cover art. I really want to know who came up with this idea and where did the original come from. It just goes to show it is impossible for art or anything to be original as somewhere along the lines or in the deep past it has been done before.

I find image 1 and image 3 bearing a big resemblance not only with the face but if you look at both of them closely, the landscape is similar, image 1 has a man standing in the front of the image facing the viewer. Image 3 has two people both looking at the face. Also the face in Image 1 and Image 3 are looking in opposite directions. In fact image 1 is mirroring image 3 with the people in the foreground of both images looking in the opposite way. It is hard to tell if Anno or the person who designed the EOE cover art got this idea from Lennon's cover art or other or maybe it is just pure coincidence.

It is interesting.

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