Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Make This Easy It's Not As Heavy As It Seems

I had a very eventful weekend. Tori Amos was amazing live. She really gives her all and shows such great passion for her talent. I recorded some videos and was surprised with some of the quality of the videos as I recorded the videos using a HTC Smart. The sound is really good but in some of the videos the quality isn't great, well.... I think that is down to me continuously shaking the phone as my hand got tired and I was looking at Tori through my own eyes, yet holding the camera. ;-p She started the concert with the song Bouncing off Clouds, which can be seen in this video.

She done a nice soft version of the song. She played a few songs from Little Earthquakes and done different versions. Please excuse the camera shake and my horrible singing. ;-p

It was great that she played Precious Things, as it is one of my favourite songs and she played it amazing.

She played a slow version of Winter and I love the way she sung;

Hair is grey
And the fires are burning
So many dreams
On the shelf

It really was a great night and memorable. I had great fun at Brocon too. It was great to see some cosplayers and I enjoyed judging the masquerade. The crowd at the con were nice. The guest Francesca Dani seemed nice and it was interesting some of the things she said about cosplay getting more and more competitive. Saturday night was a blast being at the charity auction. Anna who is a Swedish manga artist done a panel on manga artists in Sweden which I enjoyed. I really did had fun at it and fair play to the committee and staff for running a good con.

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