Thursday, January 21, 2010

I think I kinda like it here...

The things I do for people. I use to be on livejournal years ago and then I met Lolita girls and they all use livejournal so I am back active on it again, then my sister who uses tells me that the Lolita, cosplay and fashion communities are excellent here and there are great photos for imspirations. That is what livejournal really lacks IMO especially with regards to cosplay communities. So I said sure why not I will join here and see what happens. It apparently seems is more popular with cosplayers and livejournal is more popular with Lolitas or maybe not.

I joined a social networking site for cosplayers which I regret as the place is just.........empty. I am not really into social networking sites but I thought it might be a good idea to join as I love cosplay and perhaps meet other cosplayers like myself. Big mistake! It is ghost town there, I rarely go on it. I will leave my profile for dead.

So in a way I am looking forward to doing a bit of exploring around here and see what I find. :-)

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