Friday, February 12, 2010

So I did It.

I did the mad thing and submitted some of my cosplay photos to be in a cosplay magazine 'Otacool 2 Worldwide Cosplayers'. It is a a magazine in connection with cosplayers' Cure, famous Otaku blogger Danny Choo and the model company Kotobiyuki. I funny enough came across it through 4chan and browsed it's site and saw there were looking for cosplay photos so I was debating for a day or two to submit as everyone else who submitted their photos were amazing and out of this world. I said feck it, what have I got to lose and did it. The deadline is Sunday February the 14th and everyone will find out if their photo or photos got into the magazine through email. I am not sure if I have a chance but you never know. Everyone likes a trier.

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