Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Time for updates!

I know I have been just uploading the odd pictures here and there on deviantArt and on Tumblr. I am really happy many liked the erotic Rei photos which can be seen on my DA. It can be really scary putting yourself out there at times but I really enjoy it for entertainment and self expression. :) I am going to work on it now and maybe I might do a proper shoot in the dress.

Speaking of that Rei dress, I read an interesting article earlier about fetish cosplay model Ushijima who was banned from an anime convention in Taiwan for attending the convention in a very revealing costume. I am a big fan of Ushijima and think she has an attractive slick way of modelling which makes her very distinctive and I do like her photos and I am all for girls being confident, showing off their bodies but I aways think when you are cosplaying at an event you should consider your environment especially at a family ran event and when it is at a university. I know myself working at anime conventions we have to have procedures on cosplayers covering up because they are parents and children around. If the event was over 18s and independent then I am sure it would be fine wearing really revealing costumes. That is why I couldn't wear that erotic Rei dress to a convention or out, just for shoots. Anyway it is up to Ushijima what she wants to do with herself and I still like her but I always think consideration goes along way. Here is the article if interested.

On a side note, I contacted a very good fetish photographer on some cosplay shoots. He is quite well known and does Hollywood spotlight kinda photos. So we will see if it happens. *Fingers Crossed* On Sunday I had a chat with Stephen another photographer who I am working with on a major cosplay and identity project. We hope things will start moving. He kindly offered to take studio photos of me in a few of my costumes which I haven't had photos of yet such as Rin Tohsaka, Rei Ayanami (Angelic Days version), and in my two C.C. costumes. So they will be happening soon. :) I am glad to be getting more professional photos into my cosplay portfolio.

College is going fine, most start working on the projects. I need to start working on my main event which is somewhat a cosplay art gallery held in Dublin. I will go into more as time goes on.

I am also playing Katawa Shoujo a good visual novel made by Four Leaf a crowd who came together from 4chan. It is a good game and it teaches you alot about life like don't judge a book by it's cover. I also love the line Rin days "Emi is at her Emiest when she is running" as I am like that with cosplaying and modelling. Some people think it is insecurity that we hide behind costumes, wigs and lenses but many of us do it to show our true selves. It is for self expression. The game teaches us about kindness and acceptance.

That is it for now! Thanks alot for your comments, watches and faves. I really appreciate it and the most fun part of it all is getting to know everyone and being exposed to a new world. :)


  1. Unusually for a visual novel, I've actually heard of Katawa Shouju.

    I heard it was pretty awful though, probably wouldn't play it. There were a couple of opinion pieces about it on Rock Paper Shotgun.

    Interesting to hear another take on it.

  2. I read that article about Ushijima. She really does some exotic photos and loved her photo series on Gantz.

    I hope your fetish photography works out as you really seem to have a knack for it. I did enjoy your Rei series and was surprised to see them uploaded to DA as they are of an older set. Still, I think it was nice to share them with those that have not seen them yet.

  3. @Sean: I am totally new to VN and don't know much about them. It was on boards.ie they were talking about it and seemed interesting so I started playing it. At the start I didn't know what was going on like was I playing as as the character or just reading a story. It is good though but I understand it would't be for everyone.

    @bluedrakon: Yeah I am a fan of Ushijima, I really like her exotic stuff. I would like to be more clear on the fetish photography, I aim to be more exotic and erotic and kept tasteful. I have a fasination with anime erotic culture, the fictional fantasy and that is where I would like to explore into. :) As I aim to get myself out there, I have to becareful of my image or I wouldn't be taken seriously. ;p

    Thanks for sharing I have a knack for it.

  4. I've never been a fan of the visual novel genre. It usually feels like I'm reading a book that requires me to click so see the next line, but once or twice in the game if offers a binary decision which forks the game like some kind of "Choose your own Adventure" book. It's not a format I enjoy, but everything should be judged on its own merits.

    In which case, Katawa Shoujo would succeed or fail on the quality of its writing. I'd have to read it to get an idea of that, but I'm not likely to. Whether or not you enjoy it would be the main thing though. That's always most important with these things.

    Oh! And good luck with your future shoots.