Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chasing that career

In my internship I am currently coming up with ideas on seminars for the Summer Recruitment Fair on in June. I am looking at past gradirleand talks and I really found this talk from Sinead English very useful.

It is about how we have to dig deeper to find that job we want. We can send in hundreds of CVs to jobs advertised online and sit back until we get that phone call or email. Majority of the time this doesn't work and it is time wasting.  I believe this video can apply to cosplayers, anime artists and gamers who really want to get out there, get into their desired industry. With the Internet we can easily make contacts, find out about these people in the industry and show these people what we do.

I also want to talk about that our interests and hobbies, how they can really have a big impact on our career choice. Like in the video I did go through  a period that I didn't know what I wanted to do (as you can tell from my past blog posts). While studying my Contemporary Culture and Society degree in Dublin City University, I got involved with the college Anime and Manga Society and we began running Eirtakon which is massive now. It is amazing to see how Eirtakon grew from 500 attendees to nearly 2000. Word went around that I ran cosplay events with Eirtakon and this lead me to be on the Experience Japan committee, which now gets full Embassy support and we aim for the festival to be bigger and more professional.

After I completed my degree like many graduates I was in a limbo but a year later(thanks to being on the gradireland mailing system) I came across the postgrad diploma in Cultural Event Management in IADT and then I made up my mind, that I want to go into Event Management due to my involvement with Eirtakon and Experience Japan. I had the qualification, the experience, just needed professional experience.

I wasn't just in a limbo because I didn't know what I wanted to do but I use to spend alot of time on negative communities online who knocked my confidence, put me off chasing my dream, knocked me down, I was in darkness. I would spend too much time on cosplay communities online and the hatred was there. I really felt lost because it is something I am really passionate about. Overtime I spend alot of time reading motivational blogs which really helped me and made me positive. I needed to cut out all the negativity.

I think it is really healthy for cosplayers and those who want to achieve a dream to read motivational blogs because we are always going to get knocked and people will say what we do is not a "real job" and end up living their life not ours. As a cosplayer I have very strong ambitions to promote the Japanse pop culture (and my own of course) as it is beatutiful, colourful and makes people happy.

If you are truly passionate about something no hatred would be seen. I really think anything is possible if you got the will power and mind set you just need the fuel.  As Paula the Aspiration Coach puts it;

What's holding you back now will still be there in the future- and that is yourself. You're the only thing in your way.

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