Monday, June 24, 2013

Being an anime fan - My collectibles

On Saturday, I just done an interview with Laura and James. Laura is doing her Master thesis on Anime and Cosplaying and was looking for relevant people to interview.

They came to my house and interviewed me in my room. I really enjoyed the interview and taking part! The documentary should be up on youtube in August and I will be sure to share it! I done the interview in my Rei Miyamoto cosplay. After the interview Laura and James took photos of my fingurines and cosplays. Then when they left I took photos of my otaku or just room to share in my blog, to expres that these all mean alot to me. :)

My room and cosplays


My cosplays feauring in papers over the years. That is me in my Ero-Lolita Rei cosplay with my old dark Rei wig. I was in my first magazine "Totally Dublin" the article titled "Costumes and Exercise" That was back in 2007.

In the Sunday Times.
One of my close friends made me that tall somewhat "topless" Rei Ayanami in Unit 1 figure for a present. He done an amazing job on the painting and putting Rei together.

My Rei Ayanami image by David Kennedy in the book "1000 Incredible Costume & Cosplay Ideas"
You will also see some of the Anime academic books I read such as "The Beautiful Fighting Girl" and "Fandom Unbound: Otaku Culture in a Connected World"

 My DVD collection.

My C.C. photo by Stephen Hedley in "1000 Incrediable Costume & Cosplay Ideas" It really is a fabulous book with very creative cosplays and photography.

 My Evangelion manga which I am really enjoying.

 More Evangelion figures. :)

I don't just read manga. :P

Yes I like World War 2 and that Catherine book is a book of Japanese character designers from anime and games. I think it is an excellent book for costume design ideas and for cosplays.

I tend to collect alot of figurienes of characters I cosplay as, as a reminder and for memories. Collecting figurines is all personal to me and I do think they are art.

Finally my work station. I can see the next few months while I get very busy and need to multitask, my desktop will be full of notes, to do lists and events's dates for my diary plastered on my wall. I will also like to have a note up of my goals and what do I want to achieve this summer.

After doing the interview about being an Anime fan, I felt proud and I felt I was really myself. It can be very difficult to be open about your beliefs and about something you are really into as you would be quick to be labelled obsessive ect. To be honest before I done the interview I was quite nervous incase I may have come across as preachy, obsessed or judged but I felt good sharing something that is a big part of me with people who were unfamiliar and were interested. I feel the exact same way sharing my passion and being myself on the internet and with cosplaying. Of interest I spoke of how I see myself as a cosplayer and artist in my Cosplay blog here.

I deeply feel if you are passionate about something you should express it and share it as you don't know where it will lead you. Not only that, there is nothing better in this world to be your true self and express it. I really have come along way since staffing at Eirtakon in 2006, working for a large cultural festival Experience Japan, being on television, setting up Cosplay Ireland recieving media exposure and completed my Events Internship. Anime and cosplay has really changed my life and made into the woman I am today.


  1. It is interesting how you noted that anime and cosplay changed your life. I was talking with a friend and found out something interesting. All of our life experiences, no matter if positive or negative, mold us into the people we are. We are always changing throughout life and this is what makes it fun and interesting.

    Like you, I have found many friends and discovered new things to enjoy through this interaction.

  2. I am glad. One of the interesting quotes from the Kate Moss documentary in my recent blog posts, not extremely accurate but it was said something like we are bait and it is the people around us who shape us into who we are.