Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tokyo Otaku Mode Rei Mug Review

What lured me to purchase this mug was Rei's striking pose and the black and white art. The Rei mug is nice and small, sits perfectly on my desk. When I picked my mug up from the package it was in perfect condition, no chips at all! What really impressed me was how well and careful TokyoOtakuMode wrapped up the mug. My mug arrived in a big box.When I opened the box it was full of Japanese newspapers and the mug was tucked in a smaller box amongst the newspapers. 

I really am a weeaboo keeping the Japanese newspapers as a souvenir! :3 I also found the mug being well wrapped extremely impressive as it shows TokyoOtakuMode really care about their customers.

This is inside the smaller box, still very impressive wrapping the mug well.

This is the neat box the Rei mug came in!

The mug is beautifully polished white with a nice shine. It is spotless having a very clean look to it. The art of Rei posing with the Nerv logo behind her looked exactly like it did on the website and also has a glossy shine. If you look closely the black print stands out alittle which is a nice touch and adds a 3D effect to the mug.

The back of the mug is simple just saying "Rei Ayanami Eva-00 Pilot" with a little design having the same glossy shine and 3D touch. The art on the back of the mug is simple not taking away from the front artwork.

I only waited a week (ordering from Ireland) therefore the delivery was quick! I only use this mug for show on my desk. What I thought was really sweet was I showed images of my Rei mug on Facebook and on other online anime communities and people were very impressed and were asking me where did I get it? :)

My Rei mug can also be used to hold Rei figures/revoltechs and as a friend said the mug could be used as a hot tub for figures. :P Rei looks relaxed.

A nice shot of how my Rei mug looks on my desk with the other figures.

I really enjoyed my experience purchsing from TokyoOtakuMode and would highly recommend this mug! A must have for Rei fans and Otaku alike. :D TokyoOtakuMode is a fantastic store for buying anime merchandise ect. What I really like about TokyoOtakuMode, it is a place for anime fans and artists to share their work. It is a very creative site and notifies you an interesting upcoming events. I have my own profile so feel free to check it out and follow me. :) I look forward to purchasing more goodies from TokyoOtakuMode and reviewing about them.


  1. It is always nice to build to your collection. you can now have a cup of coffee or tea with Rei right there with you.

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