Sunday, January 4, 2015

Japan Anima(tor) Expo

I enjoyed over the Christmas holidays one night watching shorts from the Japan Animatorexpo website. The Japan Animator Expo website is a new project ran by Hideki Anno of Studio Khara and Nobou Kawakami of Dwango and many other talents in the anime industry. The aim is to promote young and new talents and to work on creative, artistic shorts and projects.  I think it is a fantastic idea and I really enjoyed the short anime episodes which are beautifully animated.

I really liked The Dragon Dentist, Carnage which was quite violent and dark, Me!Me!Me! was absolutely crazy, disturbing and relevant to the Otaku and 2d love which fascinates me for some reason maybe because I am a cosplayer. Of course I liked the Rebuild of Evangelion short Until you come to me. I thought it was good that they used the old Irish song Danny Boy. There are more anime short films that are fantastic to watch and if you are a Gundam fan you will enjoy this one.

It was thanks to just receiving news feeds in my gmail account I got an update on my youtube recommending videos to watch and came across a youtuber named Douchebag Chocolat who done this thought provoking video on the Me!Me!Me! short which is well worth a watch! Very interesting and this is the concept I am really into. I am looking for one of my plans for 2015 to do a project on this just need good thinking and find the right people to work with.

Anyway my next post will be goals for 2015 and what I want to achieve which I might go further into this idea then.

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