Saturday, May 22, 2010

It is all Over!!

Gets the champagne, shakes it, opens it and drinks it saying, "farewell college", "hello new life."

Yes that is my dissertation. Blood, sweat and tears when into that. It is finally all over and it feels.....weird. I keep on thinking I have other essays to do. I have been so busy doing essays and doing this dissertation, that is why I haven't been online much. At one stage I had to disconnect my internet so I will get things done and it worked. It was hard work and it cost me two all nighters but I really enjoyed doing it, especially hearing people's opinions on the advertisements I used for the dissertation. All year I have longed for this day. It is so weird when I think back, at the beginning of the college year that I was a little worried about my dissertation and getting through things and now it is all over. I don't know what is going to happen to me next year but I am not going to think about that for now. :-) Now I can do the things I love and I am free. I am now free and can post more blogs about cosplay, my photography and other things on my mind. I do want to celebrate but I am just too tired.

Listening to: Jack Off Jill - Witchhunt

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