Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Lady in Red

My sister gave me this sweet, strawberry lolita dress which she bought awhile ago of a Lolita seller who use to sell Lolita dresses on the Irish Lolita bebo site.

I think it is cute and pretty. It would be nice for the summer too.

More detail of the fabric, I like the ribbon.

There are bows on the sleeves and on the end of the dress.

A close up shot of one of the bows.

I am holding the dress out to make it more flattering. I would love to get white, knee high, frilly socks and buy the red and white shoes from Bodyline.


these shoes being heels.

I really like these rich deep red shoes, there are maybe too dark for the dress but I would love them for other wear.

I plan to wear this dress to my sister's 21st and would love to try and get one of the shoes above or red, Mary Jane like heels in town.

Also I bought these tights in Pennys. Which have tiny pink bows on them. They would go well with my pink, sweet Lolita dress.

On a side note I came across a crowd known as the Pony Girls link - who do punk, Goth burlesque shows in the Twisted Pepper in Abbey St. I always liked burlesque and would like to mix it with my cosplays and lolita. I have yet to experience my first burlesque event. I think there are touring around Ireland so if I am free and the next time there are playing in Dublin I would like to go. If I was going I would wear burlesque Lolita inspired or ero-lolita. I say it could be a fun night.

Listening to: Evangelion - Beethoven - Symphony No.9 - Ode to Joy

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