Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The more I stay in here, The more it's not so clear

I stare in the mirror and see a girl, a human like form with blue hair, the colour of the sky, what your eyes can see and the eyes stare back at me, the colour red, red sky. Red is the colour. Red is the colour I hate...

This is the me that can be seen, yet feels as if this is not myself.

Please just let me lie here.

Will life ever stop playing games with my courage. My coldness upsets many, but it is my only security. How fragile is my heart if I am to face the world alone. Thousands of smiles won't brighten the mood that is forlorn.

Listening to: NIN - The line begins to blur


  1. How doubtful the faces of others, when I see glimpses of fading lies in their eye? How much I wish to trust freely, like a silver boat on the wide ocean glides. How naive my mind is to believe."

    "Ikiteitte ureshi? (are you happy being alive?)"

    +"Does my heart want to become one with Ikari-kun?"+

  2. I really love those photos!