Friday, November 5, 2010

Now its all hallow's eve, the moon is full Oh, will she trick or treat, I bet she will

These are photos from Halloween. I hung out with my Lolita fiends in Dublin and I wore my debs dress and my friend's cape and became a classy, sexy vampiress named Gazelle. Due to always playing characters with cosplaying I have grown a habit of creating original characters and creating personalties for these characters. I just think it makes modelling in photos more exciting when you are someone else or playing a character.

So hallow's eve was approaching and most of my friends went home so we went to Trinity College to get good pictures.

My character vampiress Gazelle is a luscious, seductive, sexy, classy vampire who lures men to her and sucks their blood. Unfortunately I didn't have my good camera so Stephen thankfully had his compact one and took the photos and these came out well.

Three of my Lolita friends (left to right) Mako, Farrah and Sam watched the photoshoot.

My victim of the night for once a female and my friend. ;p

At her tomb.

I shall upload more photos tomorrow as now it is nearly 4am and best be in bed.

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